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Stop button not on new Fios Voice Remote

Stop button not on new Fios Voice Remote

Contributor David77
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On the old Fios remote when watching a show from the DVR that I had saved if I didn't want to finish the show I could hit Stop, and then on the left hand side Delete.   The new remote doesn't have a stop button.    The way I Deleted it was to go to Menu, the DVR, then scroll to the show, choose it, and then Delete.    There has to be a shortcut without having to physically talk into the remote.  Sometime my wife and/or kids are sleeping and I don't want to verbally communicate to a remote control.   

MVP clem53 MVP
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As far as I know, you hit the exit button to stop. There really isn't an easy way to delete a program.

Contributor General
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I have the same question about the stop button.  However, the easy way to delete your programs,  you can press the up navigation button which shows the program info, you will see on the right hand side it says to press the same up button for options.  Your option to delete the program is there and can be done while watching your show.   I have done it this easy since there is no stop button.   You could always do it the old way too.  Just hit menu and go into the dvr and delete it as normal,  I just do it while my program is still running. 

Copper Contributor BobTheTechGuy
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With trial and error, I discovered:

     Hold the voice button and say "STOP".  don't add any other words.

     You will then be at the menu for the show, and can just scroll down to "Delete" exactly the same as if you had hit the non-existant Stop button.


     Another voice command that I use a lot is "Go to DVR" which is the same as if you hit the non-existant blue DVR button :-)


Hope that this helps.

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