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Storage Capacity Discrepancy in STB 7216

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Storage Capacity Discrepancy in STB 7216

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I recently had my STB replaced by Verizon through their free replacement program for customers who have the old QIP6416 boxes.  After going through the trouble of actually ordering the box (which, for days, gave me an error everytime I tried) I finally succeeded in ordering the box and received it about a week later.


The label on the front of the box indicates: "QIP 7216 P2 500GB" which would lead me to believe that the hard drive in this STB has a 500GB capacity.  However, I looked inside the ventilation slats of the box and noticed that the hard drive inside only shows a 160GB capacity.  It seems somewhat odd that Verizon would be advertising on the front of the box that the storage is 500GB, but the hard drive inside only indicates 160GB - unless the 500GB on the front of the box means something else.


Should this STB actually have a 500GB hard drive in it?  Or did Verizon mislabel the QIP 7216 P2 box that I received?



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Re: Storage Capacity Discrepancy in STB 7216

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That's an unusual thing to have happen. 


So the 7216-p2's are the 500gb model, I wonder what it says when you pull up the DVR system capacity in the menu, what it shows there. 


If it says 160 there too, then I would definetely call and get that straightened out. 

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Re: Storage Capacity Discrepancy in STB 7216

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Very Interesting. I had heard that the 7216-P2 was upgraded to 500GB. Perhaps they missed one. Not sure if they would still allow you to upgrade again for free seeing as the free upgrade was for a DVR that could display the new channel format, not to get more recording capacity. But I would still contact customer service and let them know about your issue. Perhaps leave out the part about the 'free upgrade' and just leave in the part about the discrepancy. Who knows, you might not be the only one getting short-changed on recording time.


Thanks for posting this. I have been putting off the upgrade myself and wondering if I would end up with another 160GB drive if I did.

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Re: Storage Capacity Discrepancy in STB 7216

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Didn't think the free upgrade offered anything more than an upgrade to support MPEG4 channels.

Does seem strange that it would be labeled P2 with 500GB.

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Re: Storage Capacity Discrepancy in STB 7216

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I called customer service and they couldn't tell me what the hard drive capacity is on my DVR.  I gave them the serial number and they still couldn't tell me.  And there is no place in the menus that states the capacity of the hard drive, it only shows what percentage free space is left.


To me this is a big problem for Verizon.  Customers may be paying the same monthly fee for a DVR rental but some customers might have a 160GB hard drive and some might have a 500GB hard drive.  Some customers might be getting ripped off when it comes to capacity.

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