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Survey on sound problems with Cisco DVR

Survey on sound problems with Cisco DVR

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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We live in Northern VA and got FIOS in mid-April, an upgrade from antenna TV & 1990's DSL. We have had constant problems with sound on WETA HD (channel 526). As new subscribers, we received Cisco STBs.


I have identified at least two other people on this forum with a similar problem on the same channel and others who have reported audio or other problems with the Cisco DVR STBs. At least one person on this forum reported solvng the problem by getting his Cisco STBs replaced with Motorola boxes.


Our specific problems are:


1. Sound frequently missing when tuning to 526 (WETA HD). Sound is fine on the non-HD channel. Can sometime be restored by bouncing back and forth to other channels several times. The sound is fine on the non-DVR box in the house.


2. Sound missing from some recordings on that channel.


What we've done to fix it:


1. Replaced the DVR STB


2. Replaced old RG-59 cable that fed boxes with RG-6. Technician checked signal strength and it was OK.


3. Reset boxes several times


4. Swapped the two boxes in the house - problem stayed with DVR STB. (For the record, one TV is HD and uses HDMI, the other is an old analog CRT using composite video & L/R audio feed)


5. Was told of a reported problem that was resolved by pressing the "pause" button - that did not work.


Verizon tech says they've referred this to video engineering for troubleshooting but I have not heard anything since then (two days). Since they seem to be treating this as an isolated problem I'd like to see if it is or if others have similar problems that might alert Verizon to the breadth of the problem and/or to other details that might help them in their diagnostics.


If we're the only people with the problem maybe a third DVR STB might solve it. If enough people report the problem here, maybe our combined report might get it resolved. As we're getting down to the 30 day full return limit I'd like to make a decision quickly.


Thank you for your help and responses.

Contributor jstcyrjl
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I live in Massachusetts and also have the same problem. My TV downstairs is old not flat screen with the cisco DVR you mention and constantly lose voice on whatever channel I listen to. If I move one channel up or down voice is there but if I go back to same channel it is not there. Have shut tv off and one no help if I leave it off for awhile it  comes back at some point. This is very frustrating and never had this with Comcast. Getting a person to talk to is frustrating. I also noticed there is a pulsing sound when the voice goes off.


Did you get any resolution to this?


My TV upstairs is flat screen and has had it on occasion but not often.

Contributor Metaphor
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My new Verizon Fios TV service was installed in early April and I am also experiencing audio problems with the Cisco DVR.  When listening to music channels, there are times when we get signal interruptions every few seconds...The music stops and then resumes regardless of the channel.  Resettng the Cisco box and/or router does nothing.   When we watch HD movies that transmit in surround, the audio level fluctuates to the point where we need to constantly raise and lower the sound settings.  ....very, very frustrating.  I have contacted the Verizon support dept and discussed these problems and also requested feedback on how best to use the Stereo vs. Surround settings in the audio section of the main Menu.  No one could provide useful insight on either topic and suggested waiting for the next s/w update??    I am within my 30 satisfaction window and hope these issues get resloved.    

Contributor Metaphor
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Update:  I have reset the Dynamic Range setting from "heavy" to "none"....seems to have reduced the audio interruptions. 

Contributor newtmo
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I have a Cisco 435HDC DVR box and a Samsung smart TV using FIOS.  I frequently have no audIo on WETA 526, and the new 474 (WETAUK).  I can get sound on channel 26 when this happens, sometimes.  Recorded programs have no sound when this happens.  I emailed WETA about it and they suggest something is wrong with the TV itself, but it does not happen on other channels(?) and resetting does nothing.  I called Verizon and they told me that it could be a cable connection problem....if the cable is at all loose, I could lose some reception...what(?)...everyhting is as tight as I can make it.  Just this morning, when I turned on the system there was no sound on 526.or 474.  I changed channels randomly several times and audio came back when retuning to 526.  I'm assuming that it must be the box.  Has anyone had luck with getting a new box form Verizon?

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Same problems we had. I filed a complaint with our.county cable office and they filed with Verizon. That somehow got the right attention and eventually they swapped our Cisco boxes and gave us Motorola. So far as I can tell thet's the only fix that works. Eventually Cisco might figure it out but who knows when? Call and keep asking for a supervisor. Call billing and tell them you're changing to another company? I don't know what will get the, to swap but so far that's the fix.
Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Hi how were you able to get motorola boxes? I seem to be unable to get any support on this matter.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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As I said in my earlier notes, I think I got attention by filing a complaint through my county. Am not sure what else will work. Call their billing office and threaten to deduct a portion for non-delivery of services? File a complaint with the FTC and BBB for fraudulent business practices? Call the people at your local paper or TV station that do consumer-oriented features? I wish I could help but don't know what else to suggest. The other data point I can toss out is that a friend using another cable company has the same problem on WETA UK. She has a box from Scientific Atlanta, which was acquired by Cisco. So it's definitely a hardware issue and nothing to do with the cable company - other than they're the ones who select and provide the STB.
Copper Contributor Comedy
Copper Contributor
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I've had FIOS about 2 months and have have a couple different audio problems.

Seems to me the primary issue is with the Cisco Box and varies with the type

of HDTV one has:

1.)My STB audio control does not work! It's either on or off at zero.


2.) I get an audio 'flutter/ cut out' on the TV occurring during the switch from HD to SD

when a program goes a SD commercial especially..

In my situation, pressing the mute button on then off corrects the issue until next time.

which could be several times per day. This does not happen on my SDTV.


3.) Music Choice at times, cuts in/out or distorts on some channels.

I believe the FIOS video adverts have some thing to do with that.


  I can't say I'm thrilled with these issues although they are managable unless/until

they get worse in the future. I had Directv before but they had their own uniques issues.


I wish Verizon would own up to the audio issues and quit their  'gee that's a new one'

work around dance.



Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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I have CHS 335 and 435 on both Samsung and Vizio over HDMI and have not experienced any audio issues for over a year.

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