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Switching back to DirectTV first chance I get.

Switching back to DirectTV first chance I get.

Contributor Iandrewtv
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DVR cuts 3-5 mins off the tail of recordings. LIVE shows are cut short if games run long. When told to record "first run", DVR records everything filling up with 80 episodes of Top Gear, many of them repeats. Remotes are unresponsive, slow, GUI is a soggy mess, recordings are listed by date, not show title like DirectTV.... Overall much less pleasant viewing experience. Oh yeah, and On Demand can't fast forward... So I have to re-watch the first half hour of the new Blacklist as the first half of my recording was the Super Bowl.

Fed up.
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Platinum Contributor III
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Can't say that I have heard anyone else claim that DVR is cutting off the end of a non-live show that runs long.

Pretty sure no DVR can extend the recording of a live show that runs long (ie a football game).

On Demand FF is controlled by the content provider. I belive people have stated they see similar on other providers.

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And in fact, for a live broadcast the DVR will prompt you by giving you the opporunity to extend the scheduled recording time beyond what the schedule says in case the live event runs long.

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@Iandrewtv wrote:
 Oh yeah, and On Demand can't fast forward... .

You will find out rather quickly that the content providers control this and it is the SAME for all cable/satellite companies, including DirectTV.

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