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TIVO - Cable card, can't get fios TV to work

TIVO - Cable card, can't get fios TV to work

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I had Fios installed on Monday. The tech left before making sure TV worked.


I have a cable card running throught a Tivo HD.


Called tech support and they could not get it to work.


Tech came out this morning and put in a new CableCard. He left before resolving the issue because he was only "working a half day" or similar.


Called tech support tonight and we could not get the card to work. They want to send out another tech tomorrow morning.


So i'm 2 days into FIOS with no TV service. previous provider was Comcast via cable card through Tivo with no issues.


Am i the only one with this kind of issue? Are there any recommended steps for resolution that I'm missing?





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Issue fixed by 3rd tech in 3 days. Installng tech left a comcast coax running into my house, and subsequently my tv.



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My problem with the Tivo-Cable card combo is that it works for a while, then most of my channels go to a grey screen.  The Tivo info for each channel remains, but the picture is gone.  This happens once to three times a day.  Only way to get the channels back is to sit through the 10 minute Tivo reset. 

Called Tivo about 2 weeks ago and after some troubleshooting their diagnosis was that the signal strength was too high (38 db).  Standard is between 20-35 db?  They suggested using a splitter to bring the signal strength down.  Installed a splitter, but the signal strength remained the same AND this made the problem worse. 

Next will contat Verizon.  Very close to giving up on the cable card and going with a box.  Didn't do a box initially because the tech said he could not connect it to the Tivo.


Anyone have any success with this?


Tivo HD

FIOS HD standard service



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I'm installing my new Tivo Premier with cable card tomorrow.  If I am successful and the TV works, I'll report back!

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