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Can you change the channels on  on the 2500 STB with an output from a TIVO series 2.  The TIVO Setup procedure says the STB has to either have a serial input or an IR input.  There is a serial connector shown on the pictures of the 2500 series STB.  I currently have the TIVO set up as a pass through on channel 3 from a DCT700.  This allows me to use the TIVO fast forward and pause function, plus get the schedule for the first 49 channels since TIVO setup only works if I say I have no cable box, or if I have a way to change the channels in the cable box. I have no cable box, but I can not record anything.  If I try to go to any channel other than channel 3 on the TIVO all I get is static, so I am hoping that maybe an upgrade to the 2500 FIOS STB will let me control the channels from the TIVO and get full TIVO functionality.  The online manual for the 2500 says to check with the service provider before using the serial input.

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The hardwire serial connector does not work but the IR blaster works great. I just set it up this weekend and was up and running flawlessly in a few minutes.


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