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TV Box hookup

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TV Box hookup

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The back of 6416-2 does not match the diagram.  It has an RF in but no RF out (cable to TV).  The diagram is showing two cable outlets, our receiver only has the one.  What am I missing?
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Re: TV Box hookup

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 The paper placed in the box is indeed incorrect. Since the CoAx can not transmit the HD signal to the TV it would not serve your needs to have a CoAx “out to TV” outlet on that box.


Connect the box to your TV using “Component” cabling (the 5 little RCA jacks, blue, green, orange, red and white)
HDMI (the square USB looking one, if Samsung or Sony Bravia TV “Component” might be better)

Either of these cable choices will deliver 1080 HD video to your TV.


If the TV is an older one and can not accept these 2 types of input, use “Composite” cabling to connect the box to the TV (3 RCA jacks, yellow, white, and red)


In both methods of RCA jack use, Component and Composite the red and white are for audio.


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Re: TV Box hookup

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Verizon has two hd dvr's. only the 7216 has an RF out connection. The origonal thought was that people were purchasing the box for HD pic. so there was no need for an RF out. But they didnt take into account that many people were getting the HD dvr for the Hard drive size, more recording capibility. And as such many of these people did not have HD tv's and many only had tv's with only an rf input. So when they changed model numbers, they had an rf output added. The pic on the diagram is of the new design. But that should be the only difference


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