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TV DVR playback through Fios TV app

TV DVR playback through Fios TV app

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I have upgraded my TV to have multi room DVR as well as upgraded my internet for quantum gigabit speeds all so I could record soccer games and when I'm traveling which I do a lot of for my work I can watch these games at night from hotel rooms. I thought this would be possible and even thought this was highly advertised as a feature too on website and by sales person who helped me reenroll with verison for two years. Only afterwards was I surprsied and really disappointed and upset that I can't use airplay or hmdi out with my ipad or iphone to watch these soccer games on larger tv screens when I'm at a hotel. After reading about this I believe verizon is prohibiting my device from doing this deliberately out of fears will lose revenue if people don't rent additional mini tv boxes at home but use phones as secondary boxes instead. I think this is a terrible practice since verizon could detect if my phone is connected to my home wifi or not and allow airplay and hdmi streaming when I'm connect outside my home. Also feels cheap of Verizon to quibble over this when I pay monthly fees over $180. I really want this fixed. Since devices are locked to only 5 for streaming capabilities and also have to at least once be connect to home fios network to register anything else really seems petty and unnessesary. but if Fios want to be cheap then at least allow DVR streaming through fios tv app on android and apple when not connected to home network. Isn't there someone who can program this into the app at Fios. What are you doing with all the money I'm giving you anyways?

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Some of this has been stated that there are restrictions from the content owners.

I have begun to use more of the content providers apps to stream episodes instead of DVR or on demand.

BTW, Samsung has screen mirroring capability that does allow it to be shared to some Samsung smart TVs as well as newer roku devices.

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Contributor lxf12
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As I said. Ridiculous! I'm not even sure if this is legal under fair use. After all I did actually record the show off of the air from fios which I do pay for. If I used a vhs recorder I could take the tape where ever I wanted and watch it. Worse thing is, even if Fios wants to ensure they can keep charging their users $10 a month in a hidden fee for additional tv boxes people no longer need, then they could do this and still allow users when not connected to their home wifi when traveling to use airplay and other ways to stream their recordings to a TV. $180 to watch soccer on my phone while others subscribers of the competition don't have to put up with this ridiculous mistreatment. Unbelievalbe. Not satisfied until Verizon fixes this for everyone.

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I agree. It doesn't make any business sense when cloud DVR's are becoming the "to go" solutions. They are going to lose the complete DVR business if they play these kind of techniques to get some addtional revenue. Market space is changing they have to realize and make it more easy to use so that customer will have a wonderful experenice and pay the extra money for saving more content in their DVR. 

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