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TV One set top box issue. No signal to TV...

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TV One set top box issue. No signal to TV...

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Good Morning Verizon community.  I had made the jump from the legacy set top box equipment which worked fine but was large to the smaller more discrete TV One box.

Setup was a breeze.  The UI was much quick which was a big plus on day 1 and the remotes a very nice compared to previous remote model.  Then day 2 comes, turn on the tv and set it to the Verizon box HMDI input and its a black screen.

I figure the box is asleep so I input buttons on the remote to "wake it up".  Nothing.  Black screen.  The Box has a white light which I believe indicates it is powered on and working.  Any press of the remote shows input recieved as the white light registers the remotes input.  The remote will turn the TV on and off so it is not a remote issue.

I then powered off the box, unplugged and plugged back in.  The TV One box did its start up and initialization setup it did the previous day when I first set it up, thankfully this is quicker than previous box.  After initialization, the box finds live TV and we can watch tv channels again.

Day 3, roles around, turn on the tv and find the same issue.  TV One box is not showing signal.  The screen is black.  The ONLY method I have to make this box send signal to the television is by hard restarting it and going through initialization start up and setup every day.  This is beyond unacceptable since I had to pay the $50 hardware update fee...

My goal on the forum today is to hope someone has found a solution for this situation?  

My equipment:  Samsung 65MU8000 tv,  TV One Set Top Box (bigger one).

Note that every other devices ive plugged in via HDMI to this tv has worked without issue.  In fact I have a soundbar system with an HMDI passthrough that has a Nintendo switch connected and that pops up automatically whenever I turn the switch on without problems.  This seems entirely related to the Set Top Box.

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Re: TV One set top box issue. No signal to TV...

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There is a setting I believe in the Fios Voice remote section to control external devices. Try disabling that.

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Re: TV One set top box issue. No signal to TV...

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I often have the same "black (blank) screen" issue. Instead of having to always physically reset the STB, I found an easier solution: I watch a specific video (on YouTube) for a few seconds which magically makes the black-screen problem disappear and I can return to normal viewing. It usually happens once or twice a day but fortunately I have a relatively easy, quick fix for this extremely weird, annoying problem. Hopefully Verizon will someday resolve this issue.

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Re: TV One set top box issue. No signal to TV...

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Were you able to resolve this? I have the exact same issue with a Vizio TV. If so, how did you resolve? I literally have tried everything I think.

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