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TV Remote (Inferred Signal)

TV Remote (Inferred Signal)

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I have a Samsung LCD Model # LNT4069 and Another Samsung LCD # LNT4067  I ordered aDVR box from verizon for the LCD


#LNT4069 and after the tech.installed it  the remote would'nt work, we changed the box the remote worke dfor 1 hour and stopped, I


called tech service they sent another tech, out and HE said that some TV Models not just samsung  have an issue with the remote 


inferred signal.


Also we put the DVR box on my other  samsung  LNT4067 tv and it works. Tech said ythey are working on the problem.. Does


anyone else have this problem or know of it.



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I have never had this problem with my Sony LCD, but I have seen many reports on a number of different TVs where the TV generates an IR signal that interfers with the STBs ability to receive the IR signal from the remote. This is apparently usually caused by the light sensor in the TV being set on, and perhaps some other settings within the TV, thus generating an IR signal from the TV itself. I suggest you go through the TV's menus and see if you can find a setting for the light sensor, or something similar, and if it is turned on, turn it off and see if that fixes the problem. I checked my Sony a long time ago, the light sensor is off, and I have never turned it on (I think for good reason).


Other people have put a piece of cardboard or something opaque between the TV and the STB, eliminating the IR from the TV reaching the sensor in the STB. Or you could try moving the STB away from the TV and see if the problem goes away.


If it really is IR interference from the TV, I don't know how Verizon could fix the problem, at least with the existing STBs like your DVR. I think it would take an entirely new box, there are probably 1 - 2 million of them in service, so it would not be a trivial task to fix/replace all of them. 


Hope this helps.


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Verizon will now send out an IR extender to help resolve the issue... you have to go thru all the steps to let them determine that is the issue...


when ya have time call support and go thru the steps.... if the rep you talk to, doesnt know about it, have them check their resources or talk to their help desk type people... it has been done many times before


or you can purchase one on your own...


or just do as the other guy said

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