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TV Set without STB

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New FIOS customer as of last Thursday.  So far very impressed with one small exception.  I have two TV's that worked without STB's with Comcast, and now they do not work with FIOS.  From what I gather from these forums (which are great BTW) I either need a Moto STB from Verizon @3.99 month or get a new TV.


If I get a new TV, which tuner should I be looking for, so I can just use the set with no STB.  I understand no, VOD, widgets, premium channels, etc and thats ok.  Its a spare room, and just want to be able to get local channels, etc like I was getting with Comcast.


Is clear QAM ok or do I need another type of tuner.


Thanks for the help


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You will need a TV with a QAM tuner. 


Keep in mind all you will get are the local SD, local digital (HD), music, and PEG channels.  You will not get any of the national cable channels (ESPN, USA, TNT, etc.).

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keyboards is exactly correct.


however, keep in mind these thoughts:

- if you get the the TV with the QAM tuner, you can hook an antenna up to it to get the local OTA signals for free and not have to worry about FIOS connections

- you can buy a digital converter box and antenna to get the local OTA signals for free (total cost ~$60)

- unless you plan on buying a new tv for that bedroom anyway, think about how much you are saving.  for example, spending $400 to save $4/month will take you 100 months (7 years) to break even, so it might be cheaper to simply get the box

- when I signed up, I was under the impression that my non-digital tvs would still get the local channels.  after installation, I found out otherwise.  i complained, and they gave me the digital adapters free for 1-year.  so try complaining first....


hope this helps.

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Thanks for the help and info.  I think i will order a box for one and upgrade the other set with a QAM tuner so at least I can get something.


Great forum here, glad I checked it out.  So far very happy with the whole FIOs setup.  Really like the DVR, even with thte shortcomings I see and reafd about, coming from Comcast DVR.


Multi-room was the one thing I was really excitefd about and it works as advertised.  Very cool.


Now if only it had a bigger HDD or external stoarge Smiley Happy

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