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TV pixilation an ongoing problem

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TV pixilation an ongoing problem

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We have had verizon service techs out to the house several times to try to troubleshoot the ongoing pixilation problem we have with Fios tv service.  It happens on all channels intermittently, but more often on some channels than others.


We have had all the coax cabling and connections and splitters checked.  There is currently a 4 way splitter near where the signal comes into the house that leads to the three tvs and the router we have hooked up.


We live at the dead end of a long road, so I have always thought we were just at the end of the line in terms of signal... but still we pay a lot for this service and would really appreciate any ideas that could make it more reliable/less pixilated.


Is pixilation related to signal strength?


Thanks for any ideas

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Re: TV pixilation an ongoing problem

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I don’t know if the solution that was done on my mother in laws home would work in your case but, Time Warner came in and added a signal booster that was connected to a switch box. She has four rooms with digital tv through coaxial coming off the pole.


the man they sent over said first the signal degraded because the splitter/switch box was shot. He put a new box in the ceiling from where the cable comes in. He then took another small powered box that plugged into the power 110 outlet and ran a coaxial cable into the new switch/splitter and also went to each connection into her set top boxes and replaced the ends. After this was done he reset each tv box, one at a time tested the screen for pixilation and none was present.


all the others were done and it seems they are all fine now. So it maybe you need the ends that connect from the splitter and to the boxes replaced.

This is just an idea. If it worked for cable it may work for Fios tv.


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Re: TV pixilation an ongoing problem

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Is it on all STBs?

If so, could be signal level from ONT (being at the end of a long raod shouldn't matter as signal is digital on fiber).

Run this test to check connection from ONT.

On VMS, tune to one of the problem channels.

Hit Menu Settings System Info.

Then hit Info

On the left what do you see for SNR Level and SNR value?

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Re: TV pixilation an ongoing problem

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We have the same problem, although it is hard to imagine that it is a hardware problem. We are missing only certain non-HD channels, mostly from 250 to 290. When we go to the HD version like from 291 to 691, the picture works great on HD.  The exact same problem is on multiple TVs. How is it possible that the lower resolution signal has issues and the high resolution works fine.  Not sure what to do. Any suggestions??  


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Re: TV pixilation an ongoing problem

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If you have a tellabs 611/612 sometimes the video ports go bad and will just start with pixilation. If you have a motorola 1000m. They do the same thing. Both model have a video led on then which should be off. It will be red if the fiber has a bad 1550 nm reading. Which is the wavelength where the video signal travels 

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Re: TV pixilation an ongoing problem

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Had the exact same problem for 5 months and after 3 techicians and Fios claiming my equipment needed to be updated the last technician walked in saw the TVs pixelating and said he needed to replace the box outside that I was not getting a video signal. He replaced the outside box and have not had a problem since

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Re: TV pixilation an ongoing problem

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