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Terrible Customer Service - I can't take it anymore!!!!!!

Terrible Customer Service - I can't take it anymore!!!!!!

Contributor Kara_87
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All I wanted was an upgraded set top box.


A couple months ago, I contacted Verizon about it.  I chatted with a customer service rep who told me my issues could be resolved with him resetting my box.  (LIE #1)  He told me "You will never have to contact us about this problem again." (LIE #2)


Of course, this didn't work.


On Tuesday 11/22/11, I called to get an upgraded set top box.  The man I spoke to was extremely friendly, told me that was no problem, and said I would receive a new box via UPS in 1 -2 days.  He then rebundled my services (of course), added new items (of course) and told me I'd actually be saving money (right).


Days came and went, no box.  I figured, okay, it's Thanksgiving, it'll be another day or two.

Tuesday 11/29/11--still no box.  I call Verizon. They tell me "we're showing it scheduled to be delivered tomorrow".  (LIE #3)  BUT YOUR REBUNDLED SERVICES ARE RIGHT ON TRACK!  (of course)


Wednesday 11/30/11--still no box.


Thursday 12/1/11--still no box.  I call Verizon.  The extremely RUDE woman told me she had no idea what I was talking about, did not have a tracking number, and told me my best course of action was to call UPS and see if they had a tracking number for me---WHAT?  I didn't like that answer and she clearly didn't like me, because she then transferred me to "premium technical support" for INTERNET.  That man subsequently transferred me to a woman's voicemail.  I hung up and called back and sat on hold AGAIN.


I then got someone who transferred me YET AGAIN to someone who was of no help.  She kept me on hold for 15 minutes only to tell me the ordering area was closed and to call back today.


So in other words, you completely ignored my ONLY REQUEST of an upgraded set top box, and sold me a bunch of stuff instead.


Verizon customer service is non-existent.

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Silver Contributor II
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I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, and have suffered the same myself periodically. My solution was to go to a local store and deal with live, human people. If you have a store nearby within reasonable driving distance, I suggest this alternative. There are some nice people who work for Verizon, and you may even be able to wrangle a freebie or two. Good luck.

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I sometimes would much rather deal with a live person face to face instead of calling back and forth and going through more run-around.  I can't blame you.


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