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Tuner Switch (swap) Button on Remote not working

Tuner Switch (swap) Button on Remote not working

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Although the behavior is DIFFERENT than what some are used to or "expect", the "LAST" button behaves quite logically and consistently in FIOS.  You just have to learn to understand what it does.


There is not direct "tuner" selection of control.  Period.  You need to stop thinking in terms of "which tuner is doing what".


Think of it as simply the DVR is trying to display for you the most recent channel you have commanded it to.  This command can come in any of four different ways:

(1) Using Ch+ or Ch-;

(2) Direct entry of the channel number (like 0574);

(3) Navigation to and selection of a channel via the program guide; or

(4) use of the "last" button.  Think of the "last" button as simply a shorthand way of typing in the channel number that was last displayed.  It has NOTHING to do with tuners.  It always takes (or attempts to take) you back to the immediately-preceding channel that was displayed. Always.  No exceptions.  Which is quite pure in its simplicity and predicatbility.


(A) If you are NOT recording anything, the DVR will always keep the channel you are "leaving" on "its" tuner and continue building the buffer for it, and will go to your newly-selected channel on the other tuner.  If you use "LAST" to switch between the two, you will retain buffers for both (it will always go back to "LIVE" on a channel when you switch to it, but you can rewind it).  If you are trying to have a 3-channel or more rotation going, then the only way to go keep at least ONE of the channels buffering (i.e. on the same "tuner") is to always RETURN to that channel before typing in a new one. 


So effectively, every time you select a channel, the DVR automatically (a) switches tuners and (b) goes to that channel.


(B) If you are recording one program, only the "unoccupied" tuner will be used for "regular" watching and channel switching - UNLESS you select the channel being recorded, in which case the tuner will switch to the one that's recording and the other will continue buffering the previously displayed channel.


I think that's pretty straightforward.


(C) You are recording TWO programs.  You can only watch the two channels that are being recorded (or a completed recording, of course).  Usually, the issue you are struggling with pops up when you are watching a channel, and then both tuners need to go to other channels to record scheduled recordings.  If you press "LAST" the DVR wants to go back to the last channel you were viewing - which you may not be recording, and then you get the conflict message.  Just switch to one of the channels you are recording using method (2) or (3) above and you'll be fine.


I agree that it's a bit awkward when the only question the DVR asks is "which recording do you want to cancel?" instead of asking you "Do you want to switch to one of the channels you are recording?" but overall, the "which tuner am I watching/controlling" question is not really an natural ro intuitive one, but is a carryover from those who have been indoctrinated into the TIVO way of life.


I'm, not saying it's good or bad, but it just is.

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