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Two Annoying Behaviors with the FIOS HD DVR

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Two Annoying Behaviors with the FIOS HD DVR

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I report below 2 very annoying problems with the FIOS HD DVR. If you are also bothered by these 'features' and want them remedied, please chime in with your complaint so we can get the FIOS folks to fix it.



When a live broadcast is paused for a long time (so that the internal playback buffer is filled), playback doesn't then resume from the point at which you paused but instead takes you forward all the way to the current live point!  So you then have to rewind 18 minutes or so to get back to your previously paused position and of course while doing so, you lose a few seconds of what you were watching.


The desired behavior should be to always resume exactly at the point at which you are paused. (Better yet -- the DVR should not be constrained by the 18 minute buffer and ought to temporarily write to any unused disk space. That used space would be immediately released as needed for new recordings.)




When a recorded program is paused for a relatively long time -- which is not very long at all -- the record menu pops up and the currently tuned channel starts playing in the background! So say you get a phone call and you pause a recording you are watching. While you are on the phone, all of a sudden the TV comes back on and you have to quickly run over and mute it.


The desired behavior should be to either do nothing (and stay paused) or display a screen saver -- silently!



Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Re: Two Annoying Behaviors with the FIOS HD DVR

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Agreed!  And here's another annoyance:  You're scrolling through future listings -- hours or even days ahead -- on the guide, and you click on "Info" to learn more about a movie.  If you toggle through the various lengths of info, you eventually end up on live TV, not back where you were.  If, instead, you push "Exit," you're back to the guide . . . but at the top of the list and for the current date and time.  Either way you have to painstakingly find your way back to the listings you had been viewing, which is what you should have been returned to automatically.

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Two Annoying Behaviors with the FIOS HD DVR

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I don't think it actually waits until the playback buffer is full, although I am not really sure what that buffer size really is. In most cases I can go back for 60 minutes, but sometimes its less time for some reason unknown to me. I always thought that the program kicks back on after 20 minutes or so, so that there are no burn-ins. But I would much rather have a black screen instead. At the very least it should continue playing where you paused.

This is extremely frustrating when you pause a game. So you come back after 30 minutes and see the current score right away - it ruins everything. Sometimes when I pause the TV like this, I go back to the living room every ten minutes or so, to un-pause and re-pause it. Just to restart that timer.


Another thing that really annoys me: When you fast forward and get close to the end of a recorded show or current live stream (something like 30 - 60 seconds I believe), it will just jump to the very end. The same thing when you rewind and get close to the beginning. Its not that big a deal, but still annoying.


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Re: Two Annoying Behaviors with the FIOS HD DVR

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True dual tuner swap functionality.  Not the current "last button" toggle.

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