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I have a motorola hd dvr model number QIP6416-2 and i would like to exchange it for a newer Motorola 7232-P2 HD DVR. how do i go about this. i have a fios store a few miles away can i exchange it there ,i really have nothing too important on the hard drive so id like to upgrade how do i get it done?

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The short answer to your question is yes.


The only caveat is you probably should call the store before you go there to make sure they have a 7232 in stock for you. If they do, you just carry in the 6416, and you should leave with 7232 box about 20 minutes later. My experience is the Verizon Experience stores usually do have 7232's in stock.


 At least in the past there has been no charge for making the swap in the store.



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I also have a 4½ year old 6416 DVR box and would like to upgrade to the new model.


Is there a way to transfer my existing recordings from the old box to the new box yet?

That's the ONLY thing that's held me back so far.


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There is no way to transfer content from the old DVR to the New unit. Even if you have a 72XX  DVR and an external HDD, you cannot move content. The only input to the DVR is the coax from the ONT. None of the other potential input devices are actually functional with the Verizon Firmware.


 About the only thing you can do is transfer the content to either tape via VCR, or DVD, and playback the tape or DVD when you want to watch the older content.

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callled the wtore and they said there is a shortage of the new dvr company wide,i bet if i ordered new service they would install one for me what a crock verizon shame on you

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As many have discovered, if you order new service, you get whatever DVR happens to be on the truck that comes out to do the install, and often that has turned out to be not a 7232, but an old 6416.


My advice is to call the store about once a week, and see if they have any. You can order the upgrade via email, although there are many complaints in this forum that it doesn't work very well. The cost is $40 if you go that route.

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