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Unavailable Channels "Currently Unavailable"

Unavailable Channels "Currently Unavailable"

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I have 17 Channels that show Currently Unavailable, including two HBOs, Weather Channel and Science Channel.  I called support and they said they did an IMG update and are aware of the issues and to be patient.  It has been atleast a month with no fix.  I live in Hampton Roads area of Virginia has any one else been told the same thing or having the same issues?
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Location: Wakefield, MA
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I have been told that the "Currently Unavailable" thing is a system wide problem and a result of IMG update 1.6. Verizon is "supose" to be working on it and a new update 1.6.1 and OR update 1.7  MIGHT fix it. But no one knows if or when those updates MIGHT be out.

In the mean time what i have found is that if you go over to your STB, whethere it is on or off and just unplug the hateful thing and leave it unplugged for about 30 seconds then plug it back in the "Currently Unhavailables" go away for three to four days. GOOD LUCK!

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Location: Edmonds, Washington
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I am experiencing the "Currently Unavailable" issue daily and it is either increasing in frequency or it has become a major irritation that is just being noticed more intensely.    It is getting old to have to reset the motorola box every other day.


Commenced FIOS service on 10/09/2008:  DVR 7216

Edmonds, WA

Sony XBR

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Thanks for the reply good to know I am not the only person expierencing this problem.
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 I have same problem. It is random. Unplugging the box does correct, however, the next day it is back. Overall quality of Verizon is not as good as Time Warner.
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 Motorola QIP7216


Everyday, and sometimes several times a day, when I try changing the channel I end up with a blank screen (black) with the message "Channel Unavailable."  The only fix is to unplug the Set Top Box (STB), then reconnect it.  So I'm unplugging my STB anywhere from 1-4 times per day.  This is incredibly frustrating.  I've contacted Verizon Support and it's a "known issue" that a pending firmware update will resolve.  ETA of the firmware update is unknown.  I've been a FiOS customer since 10-17-08...honestly, this is getting ridiculous.



Location: Edmonds, WA
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I have this problem every now and then when switching to a new channel.  Sometimes I'll get the channel for a split second, but without sound, and then it'll show "channel unavailable".  Turning the STB off, waiting for 5 seconds, and powering it back on usually works for me.

I seriously think that Verizon should be offering a "beta user credit" for those of us helping them figure out how to get a stable DVR.

 Good luck with your problems. Next time I'll think twice before switching to the new thing the first few weeks it becomes available in my area!!

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I too am having that problem.  I feel we should be compensated for this major inconvenience-especially since they took away several channels that we

now have to pay for.  I am thinking of switching to Direct TV!

Location: New Jersey
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"Currently unavailable" is usually a physical issue whether it be cabling or a bad splitter...sometimes interference on the line causing the cable box not to tune to certain channels...its usually never the cable box from my experiences.
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I have had this problem since FIOS was installed back in September.  I have 2 Moto 7100's and Moto 7216 DVR.


The 7100's work perfectly.  The 7216 is a chronic pain.  The picture is jumpy and studders.  "Currently unavailable" appears constantly on every channel.  Yes, unplugging the STB does fix the problem for anywhere from 2 days to 10 minutes.  I have multiple recording of the same thing for 1 second each but no show to actually watch.


If they don't come up with a fix soon I am going to throw the thing at the next Verizon truck that drives by.

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