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Unavailable Channels "Currently Unavailable"

Unavailable Channels "Currently Unavailable"

Location: Northern NJ
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We had this problem last night on all of our TV's (1 HD and 2 DVR)  You could use PPV (free or otherwise), but live TV did not work.  Got the Unavailable Message.  This is 1 week install.  Running Relase 1.6.0 Build 6.89 in Northern NJ.  Woke up this morning and all was good.
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I have been experiencing this "Currently Unavailable" problem since I first had my Fios TV installed.  I have spoken to tech support at least 10 times and the consensus was that they would be fixing this problem in January and issuing refunds when it was fixed.  Well January came, and I thought they fixed the problem because for a few days it worked flawlessly...and then all of a sudden "Currently Unavailable" was back.  Even worse though is that now half the time "Currently Unavailable" appears, and the other half the screen is simply blank, with audio sometimes...and sometimes without.


This is completely ridiculous...I pay upwards of $120 per month (not including what I pay for the FIOS Internet and Phone) for this horrible service that DOES NOT WORK properly...I feel completely cheated that FIOS denies me any refunds or credits "until they fix this problem entirely".  The customer service/tech support is horrible and rude.


Verizon better clear this up soon...I want my money back.

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Device: 7232, 6200
Location: Warwick, RI
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This issue has been around for a while now, and the likely culprit is the infamous HDMI handshake protocol. As this has been discussed at length elsewhere in this forum, let's just sum it up by saying that an electronic "sign-in" is performed between the TV and STB, and some TV brands are more compatible than others. Until the issue is fixed, there are only a couple of things to try. Keep doing the hard reboots periodically as required, or temporarily switching to component cables (3-wire red/green/blue with RCA jacks). This is one of the most oft-cited problems on this forum. I really wish that one of our excellent moderators would make a "sticky" on this issue and place right at the top of the menu, and call it something like "What to do for Currently Unavailable Message".  Thank you. 
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How would the HDMI cable cause the STB to make errors in recording it's sheduled recordings?  Why would the STB make a mistake in it's recording capabilities based on its video/audio output?  The STB/DVR has many errors, and from what I've read its based on the "tuners" and the software of the STB itself....I doubt its possible that changing the output from HDMI to component would cause the STB/DVR to start acting properly with its "tuners" that what your saying?

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Device: 7232, 6200
Location: Warwick, RI
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I think we are now confusing two separate issues - the "Currently Unavailable" issue and the "Stupid DVR Doesn't Record" issue. The Currently Unavailable one is the result of an electronic signal or agreement that does not pass between the TV and the STB. It's like cryptography: both the sender and receiver must use the same code to create/decrypt a message. Without it, you get "Currently Unavailable" since the TV doesn't know what the STB is talking about. This is usually just using HDMI because Digital Rights Management messes it up. Component cables are not affected by this. I think you are referring also to the "Stupid DVR Doesn't Record" problem which seems to be a different software routine whereby properly programmed recordings do not take place. Many in this forum attribute this to the software not interacting properly with the program guide, and/or the program guide itself being inaccurate to begin with (such as not properly listing a show as "new", "repeat", etc). I understand that both problems are being worked on by the technicians. Thank you. 
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As an experienced FiOS TV subscriber, who has dealt with the 'currently unavailable' issue repeatedly, I can attest that it is definitely a signalling issue coming into the STB. The easiest way to diagnose is to go to the diagnostics on the STB and see what the signal strength is...if it is too low, it will result in the 'currently unavailable'--particularly prevalent on local channels, which I understand are sent on the higher frequencies on FiOS. 


The solution I have found is two-fold: Check how many splitters you have between the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and your router and STB.  If you have more than one, it's likely you will have the 'currently unavailable' issue if they splitter(s) you have are old.  The other cause/solution is RG59 vs. RG6. 

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Silver Contributor V
Device: Actiontec Rev I
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Location: Floral Park, NY
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The channel unavailable issue that Verizon is working on only affects the 7216 DVR. The new firmware will fix most of those issues with the 7216. Everyone should get it before March 3, 2009. If you are getting channel unavailable on any other STB then you are having a signaling program. You either need a tech to come out and check your RF levels on your coax or you are having an HDMI issue.
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Thats what I have heard...the signaling issue and how it affects only this specific STB/DVR.


Anyway...we have to wait many months still before this issue is fixed and yet I still have to pay $200 per month!!?!?!?!?  What the ?!?!?!?!  There must be some way to deal with this issue, verizon is about to lose me as a customer, as well (i should hope) as the other thousands of people affected by this garbage.

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Same issue.  Frustrating part is that tech support seems to be oblivious to a problem I have now found volumes on in 2 minutes of looking.  Has anyone else found that FiosTV is almost never able to locate you account when you call?  For me it is because I have Vonage, but Verizon still expects all of its custmoers to be telephone customers as well.  Legacy of Ma'Bell.  They can't even look you up if you provide your account number.  My goodness they need an overhaul.
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See Thread 1.6.1 Fix for current dates as to when the 7216 currently unavailable issue is scheduled to be fixed. Those dates however are subject to change with little or no notice, so we will try to keep them up to date as best as possible.


Please Note: This is the fix for the issue where the STB will get up to a few seconds of sound or picture or both then show 'Currently Unavailable', and power cycling the STB temporarily fixes it. This will not fix 'Currently Unavailable' if you have other channels that are coming in pixelated, that is a signal issue that needs to be checked by our phone support.


Thank you all for your patience,



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