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Unique Question about FIOS Remote Power On/Off

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Unique Question about FIOS Remote Power On/Off

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After a lengthy battle, I successfully setup my Series 2 TiVo box with FIOS on one of my HDTVs.  Realizing that I can only record what is the current channel will work for this application.  Unfortunately, I learned that the FIOS box must be turned ON in order for TiVo to record.  Currently, the FIOS Remote operates the TV and FIOS box power via the On/Off switch - just as you would expect.


What I would like to know is - can I set up my FIOS box to remain ON so TiVo can record whenever programmed?  Or can I trick the remote into staying ON when I hit the power button?  The key constraint here is that it needs to be 'wife friendly' and asking her to hit the TV button then the Power button and have to remember to re-hit the STB button to change channels - simply won't fly...


Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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Re: Unique Question about FIOS Remote Power On/Off

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You could try programming the remote so that STB then Power will only do the TV.. I don't know if it'll work but it's worth trying..



"The Power Key"

Do like.. STB + Power, let go, see device keys blink, 9 7 7, TV, OK, STB light blinks


Then just leave the STB on all the time.


Again, not 100% sure if the remote will let you do this..

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Re: Unique Question about FIOS Remote Power On/Off

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This is indeed possible.  I have my remote setup to power the tv and receiver but not the cable box.  I don't remember the exact procedure, but it was on the instruction sheet for the remote.

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