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Using my own Actiontec router

Using my own Actiontec router

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I purchased an Actiontec router on eBay to replace the one from Verizon. It is a Verizon branded, second generation Actiontec mi424wr revision F with wireless N. My original was the first generation revision D with wireless G,. Everything works fine with one exception. I can't get caller ID to appear on the TV as it did with the old router. Before I call Verizon about this, is it "kosher" to use my purchased router with my Verizon triple bundle service?
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Gold Contributor VI
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As long as you don't eat it with a side of bacon, it's kosher.


As for Verizon, I've never heard of them having any issue with customer purchased routers.  After all, they are happy to sell them to us.  The worst I suspect they'd do is tell you they won't support it and ask you to put the other one back in.  But that would surprise me.


Rev F. is a little old; rev I is the latest version.  Not sure if that's a factor.  You might want to leave it running for a while to see if Verizon pushes a firmware update; that might resolve the issue. 


You should also check of VOD is working as it sounds like the STBs can't talk to the router.  Did you change any coax wiring?  You might have inadvertently disconnected the STBs from the router.


Good Luck.


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Nickel Contributor
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Thanks for the reply. I love bacon, even though it was taboo when I was growing up Jewish. Everything, including VOD, works except for caller ID on the TV screen. I have the latest firmware on the router. I don't believe that the revision of my router (F to I, for example) can be changed. I didn't change any wiring. I've been using this "replacement" router for more than a month. The wireless speed is much better with this revision F router.
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Have you tried the Caller ID troubleshoot function?     Menu > Settings > Caller ID > Troubleshoot 

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Nickel Contributor
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Yes. It told me to call Verizon.
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Have been using a VZ supplied M1424Wr Rev F

Firmware 20.10.7

Wireless Mode 802.11b/g/n     for several years Have Caller Id on both  my TV's Den and BR.


Are you able to do this ?


Menu>Settings>Caller ID

 Check Availability               Caller Id is available

Alert Display                         Enabled

Alert Duration                       15 Secs.

Alert Position                        Bottom Left

Troubleshoot                        Go here if you have all of above  




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Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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None of the settings worked, so I called Verizon. They rebooted my router and DVD box and got everything to work. They didn't ask about my router - which I had purchased on eBay.
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