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VOD Breakup on MR-DVR

Contributor RSinALB
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Video on demand breaksup with bad pixillation and in unwatchable on the multi-room DVR. I have re-set and re-booted many times and it does not help. The same thing happens on the main set top box, but I can "fix" it (mostly) by re-booting. That has to be done before watching any VOD.


I have given up calling FiOS as they only say to do through the self-fix routine (re-boot, re-set, etc). I have asked to have a technician come out, but they will not sent one. A check of the network settings say all is good. But right now after 2 reboots the MR-DVR VOD of an HD movie is a mess.


Any ideas?  Could it be bad cables or connections??



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Silver Contributor V
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Most VOD problems are usually a bad router or bad ONT.

Contributor RSinALB
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Yes, that is what I was afraid of.  I was just on the chat for an hour with a very good tech. They finally agreed to send a technician out.


I am confident that it will now be resolved in a couple of days.

Contributor RSinALB
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Registered: ‎03-24-2012
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The problem is solved!  Verizon sent out an excellent FiOS technician who discused the problem with us, looked at the TV,  and immediately checked the ONT. She discovered that we need a special filter on the line. Within moments the whole problem was solved.


I cannot explain exactly the nature of the problem, but in my line of work we would call it a "data collision". My personal guess is that the reason the online crew thought everything was working was because the the could detect rate and flow, but not how it affected the picture.


I guess you could say that the "stuff was moving" but not how well it was moving. The filter fixed all that. 


Our Verizon technician knew exactly what was wrong and had it all sorted out. I am watching VOD right now and it is perfect!

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