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VOD Read here - Important message!

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Re: VOD Read here - Important message!

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I agree totally!! I dont' have the tech knowledge you obviously have but have done enough searching around to realize that you nailed it. They are SO full of **bleep** and just put you on hold, transfer you, have "bad request" with any attempt to get support online, and only send vauge email responses days after the automated response. I've finally been reimbursed for over 5 days with no access to On Demand or ANY of my DVR material- weird thing is that it was there- I could "scroll" through but the info was completely gone so it was like being blind- I'd have deleted stuff instead of playing it etc.. the info on the channels was blank as well.. they kept giving me the "outage in your area" crap but then one tech seemed to have not been let onto this excuse as he'd just come back in after vacation so he "reset" my box (seems that's their favorite and only recourse) and it was fixed...?! NOTHING ever makes sense or is consistent. It's evade, evade, evade until we give up...well I'm not. I'm trying to figure out what best to switch to now...esp. as I get CRAPPY service for the TV anyway! See the thread on pixelations and dropped sound/frames, freezing on ANYthing even paid movies...kinda waste of my time to watch a show and miss the ending, or miss the punch lines, and essential's infuriating! I'd rather be reading a real paper book!!!!

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Re: VOD Read here - Important message!

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I switched from Comcast to Verizon.

Verizon speeds are faster , their apps are much slower and not stable compared to comcast, wishh I was not locked in for 2 years..

Comcast on demand worked well.

Verizon on demand does not, it is slow and drops pixels all the time.


Question is will they ever upgrade the performance of  their apps to match the fibre  speeds??




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