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VOD - "Not Enough Credits" error message

VOD - "Not Enough Credits" error message

Contributor draetsch
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Has anyone else run across this error message?


After fighting with support for 3 weeks, I finally got everything installed correctly, but now I can't view any VOD, even free stuff - I get an error message that says "not enough credits".  I've called the number that gets displayed, and got someone who referred me back to Tech Support.  The second time I called back, they were unable to help me because the system was down.


I've called Tech support, and the want to reboot the box, which I've already done at least 3 times (unplug, wait 15 seconds, plug it back in).  The router has been reset numerous times, and I'm still unable to use the VOD.  I've tried resetting from the Menu as well - still no go.


Does anyone know how to resolve this one?

Contributor draetsch
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Registered: ‎10-17-2011
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Wow. On round 3 with tech support and billing. Got bounced back and forth between both departments, and neither one was able to help. Complete incompetence yet again from the fabulous team at Verizon.
Contributor draetsch
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The overwhelming incompetence is ever worse than I imagined.


Even though I've given multiple tech support people the serial number of the box, apparently, none of them can read.  Cause the solution was to actually have the correct box registered to the account. 


It should have been a big red flag to the rest of the suport staff that you couldn't ping the box - it wasn't the connection - it was the serial number itself.


Thanks to the final tech support who was able to help.  But thanks for nothing to all the rest of them.  I'll be sending a bill for my time that you've wasted.

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I'm sorry we did not respond to this thread quickly enough, but I am glad you were able to get a resolution though it should have been quicker. Feel free to post here if you have any other questions or can certainly send me a PM.

Travis S.
Verizon Telecom Social Media Team
Copper Contributor wickedfish
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Glad to see this is " SOLVED " but it might be helpful if you were to explain HOW TO FIX THIS PROBLEM.



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