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Verizon Customer Support Hours For Fio's To Limited

Verizon Customer Support Hours For Fio's To Limited

Contributor Gumba101
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I hate to say it, but when you look at the slogan on the Verizon page, it does not really hold true to the customers, with the slogan We're here to help, whenever you need US.  I guess that would be true if I did not have a job and worked Monday thru Friday 9 - 5.  The hour's for VA are posted below and the fact that I can't email a question or complaint in based upon where I live is just poor customer servicer.  Am I supposed to take a day off or time out of my work day to ask questions about my FIOS service?  The current hours for customer support and service is to limited.  The whole addition of the new HD channels have led to nothing more the frustration.  When I signed up for service I was told I would get full HD coverage and have all the channels in the line up and pay about 170$ a month which is a pretty fair amount.  The fact they now want me to pay an additional 10$ a month for new channels added is just not acceptable.  I really wish I could take to someone in customer service without having to wait 30 minutes in their virtual Q and trying to pick the right answerers to get to a representive.  I am not going to even mention the times that I have gone through prompts only to pick the wrong option and have the call ended.  I even talked with a customer care agent that even stated I would have to pay more to get the added channels and to expect to pay more if they were to add additional HD channels.  I pay a high amount a month and I really just want to have the "FULL HD" package that I signed up for and pay the rate I agreed to upon signing up for the HD package.


The event of talking with a rep after driving home after a day of work, is about 15 mins, after I arrive home and it's almost impossible.  Please fix your customer service hour's so that working individuals can accutally talk to a live person without having to drastically change their work schedule.



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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm EST

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Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 6:00PM EST

Center for Customers with Disabilities Voice & TTY
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24 - Hour Account Information

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Copper Contributor ceccilsav
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I have aregued this same point for some time now. I mean it's silly that a company this size does this.
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Tech Support is available 24\7   1-888-553-1555  after you confirm your account telephone information, or if you don't have a Verizon FiOS telephone number, don't answer any of the auto-system's questions or choose any of its choices, just press zero ( 0 ) once.   If the system asks you another question, press zero ( 0 ) a second time, if the system asks a third question, press zero ( 0 ) a third time, and you will be directed straight to a Customer support person in tech support.
Contributor Gumba101
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Thank you for the replay, it is great that tech support is 24 hours.  The issue is that they do not offer "customer service" and will prompt you to call back a later time, which is the restricted hours that I already posted.


I would just be dandy if they offered support by email, but it seems that my area is block from email support and only allows chat and phone, which hours are almost impossible to work with.


You can't support working customer's when your hours mirror pretty much every normal person's work week.  That is the issue, they do not offer options for the working class, and that right there is a flaw with their customer service.  I really can't tell my boss I need a couple of hours to call customer service for Verizon during the work day because they are closed when I get home............

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