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Verizon DVR / STB Reviews Wanted

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Verizon DVR / STB Reviews Wanted

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Looking for user input on which Verizon STB’s and DVR’s are the best and why. Interested especially in responses from users who have owned many different boxes. Please list your model #’s and why they are better than / worse than. What are the pros? What are the cons? And if there is anyone out there that is getting real-time navigation response out of the old 2500’s (no lag when using Guide or On Demand), please let us know and tell us how.


(Please, I’m not looking for a bash-fest of complaints. Just saying that this or that sucks will only make this thread useless. Genuinely interested in learning more.)

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Re: Verizon DVR / STB Reviews Wanted

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I've only used the Motorola HD and HD DVR boxes and as boxes go they I guess about average. The interface is easy to read, but the hardware is so slow. Changing between menus can be slugish. The HD DVR has pretty limited memory, only saving about 20 hours of HD progams (that might sound like a lot but if you share it and record movies it goes rather quickly). My experiance with boxes from other cable provides has been roughly the same though. 

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Re: Verizon DVR / STB Reviews Wanted

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First off, to a greater degree the 'newer" models definitely out weigh to older models performance-wise, ie; 72xx series outweighs 64xx series probably because of the cycles of their refurbishment as I personally never receive an out-of-box newest model I can only base my accessment on these facts.


Secondly, Motorola as with Sony has declined in their product assurance. Sony especially since adopting Western manufacturing tactics, SONY was a serious technologic contender back in the day even though they were propriety items and Motorola has shifted its focus toward the cheaper and faster route as well. These were the industry's top compete\itors in their field and now are just muddled-up junk (just check out your local garbage collected on "trash day"). Similarly Seagate, now Seagate/Maxtor of which most of these models, especially HD-DVR hard drives are comprised has gone the way of poor bperformance as well. I have changed out more of these drive's than any other. For better illustration, I have Seagate drives in use from the 1980' that still perform just as they were intended, although by no means are they fast performers however their stabiity plus workmanship are light years ahead of Seagate/Maxtor's newer models hands down.


All that being said my Motorola 7232-2 HD-DVR has been the best performer thus far, however at 1+ years old it's beginning to show it's age.


Lastly as with each successive models, once beloved features available on older models has been all but eliminated on the newer models. Thus making a "better of worse accessment" comparison just a trade-off rather than a decision.

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