Verizon FIOS = FAIL

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Verizon FIOS = FAIL

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Wow...what a buzzkill.  RCN customer for about 10 years and finally pulled the trigger with FIOS after I heard such great things.  Thinking about going back to RCN or trying Comcast after this mess.


So, FIOS installed two days ago.




Internet = outstanding (even though I do not get the advertised speeds all the time)

FIOS HD = outstanding




VOD = FAIL! (doesn't work at all  VOD_5 error; VOD_4 error)

Menu = FAIL! (hangs/freezes constantly)

Widgets = FAIL!

Media Manager = FAIL!

Remote DVR access = FAIL!


Tried everything I found here in the forums and elsewhere. 


Rebooting router and/or STB.  Check.

Restore factory settings to router.  Check.

Unplug everything, plug everything back in (make certain you do it in the correct order).  Check.

Make certain PC isn't in sleep mode or any firewall issues.  Check.


What gives?  Why didn't the tech's check all of this before they left my house after installation?  Now, I have to call the help desk and spend 1-2 hours on the phone and re-do everything I already tried.


After he/she realizes I have already tried everything they will send a tech out (hopefully on Monday).  Which means I will need to stay home from work...again...and wait for a tech to show up in a four hour window...again.



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Re: Verizon FIOS = FAIL

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If it's problems with VOD, Widgets, Remote DVR, MM, then it's definitely a problem with the router, as you correctly identified. But just because you're having those problems doesn't mean FiOS is a "fail;" I personally never experienced any of the problems you have and I'm just a ways down 128. Something just wasn't set up right.


Try logging into your router and check to make sure your STBs are showing up under "Network." If they are, try doing a MoCA diagnostics test from the menu there. You can also try downloading VZ In Home Agent and trying the auto-fix STB feature from that.


Also try going into the STB's Menu -> Help -> Self-Diagnostics and make sure the three IPs come up as green/OK.

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