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Verizon FIOS and Samsung TVs

Verizon FIOS and Samsung TVs

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Thanks to all who are participating and providing their valuable feedback.


I have the same issue ONLY when connecting SAMSUNG 40"-YAMAHA RX-V863-FIOS Verizon HD box combination. This is happening since I got the YAMAHA RX-V863 receiver and hooked up via HDMI.


Earlier setup - i.e until last week I had hooked up the verizon box directly to the SAMSUNG HDMI and did not find any issues. Clarify was superb. After this new connectivity pattern, I find this GREEN issue.


Any help appreciated.

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Plan: NewFreedom
Location: Massachusetts
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I have an 46" Samsung 850 which was purchased February of 2009 and working 100% with HDMI connection up until the newest STB upgrade on December 1, 2009.  Now when I turn on my TV it takes considerably longer for the signal to be found and I get a sequence of the time then the letters DUI then the time again then DUI again and finally it goes to the channel.  Is any once else having this new issue.  I called today and they tried to help but never once asked if I had a Samsung which sounds like may be the issue they are sending out someone tomorrow to trouble shoot.  I had my TV calibrated with the HDMI connection back in February and have been enjoying great TV until this upgrade took place going back to component cables is not an option because of the calibration anyone have any suggetions.

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I have the QIP 6415-P2  Motorola HD DVR and I am looking to buy a Samsung 52" LCD. I would be very frustrated if verizon FIOS is not compatible with Samsung. Going to Component video cables is a weak patch, not a fix, because they do not carry audio and extra cables is not an option.


The latest update I have on my Motorola box is 1.7, not the 1.7c that someone had mentioned. I have a Toshiba hooked up now using HDMI with no issues. Are there any Verizon techs that can weigh in on these issues and updates because not being compatible is unacceptable and asking  their customers to go back to old technology is ridiculous.

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After going through the already mentioned channels with complaints and gripes, and getting the same responses that others of us here have got, I gave up.   I had Directv installed and did away with FIOS.  No problems, better sound, no green screen, and all my equipment plays well with each other.



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My STB-HDMI/Samsung problem is slightly different.  Whenever I use the remote to turn off the STB & TV, both initially turn off as they are supposed to.  However, after about 30 seconds, the STB reboots and come back on taking the STB and TV power out of sync.  So I have to go through the kabuki dance of turning off the STB power which automatically turns the TV on so that I now have to turn the TV off individually.  I have been on the phone with Verizon a number of times.  They had me change the batteries in the remote; hold the remote pointed to the STB for a few seconds after powering off; replaced the STB - all to no avail.  I'm reluctant to go to component cables for fear of getting a degrading picture.  I'm paying for HD so I should get it.  Is my problem similar to anyone else's?  Would a DVI to HDMI cable work any better?



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FWIW, I have zero problems using HDMI with my Samsung 61" LED DLP and 7216 DVR.

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I bought the Samsung 40", 1080i, 60hz, LCD HD TV on New Year's Day.  Brought it home and hooked it up to my standard FIOS box with coax; I did not have an HD box at the time.  Was great, but ready to get HD.  So I called Verizon and got upgraded, HD box came in about 5 days, was great.  Connected the new HD box, a Motorola QIP I believe, to the TV with HDMI cable.  Worked great for a couple hours.  Then I lost sound, got the green screen a couple times, and had some crazy flickering off and on and around channels.  Also, watching an HD channel was great, but flip back to a non-HD channel and the picture size shrunk to about 80%.  Besides NOT BEING ABLE TO HEAR anything, it was annoying to say the least. I read TV and set top box manuals, tried every adjustment known to mankind, and nothing.   I got on chat with Verizon Tech Support.  He said it was normal for the picture size to drop when going to a non-HD channel, and the solution was to reset the picture size on my TV every time I switch between HD and non HD channels.  WHAT?  That's insane!  As for the problem with no sound, he said it was common with Samsungs and the fix is to use component cables.  He is sending a set, and I hope there are both video AND audio cables in the package.  In the meantime, I'll wait another 5 days to use my $700 HD TV and HD FIOS service that I am paying through the nose for.  Til then, I have rehooked up my old nonHD FIOS box just so I can have sound and see full screen images.   I have read in many other forums on the web about a possible solution being worked on, or Verizon sending out older model boxes, or all kinds of hopeful things.  Come on, we can send an unmanned probe to Mars to search for life, but we can't figure out how to reconcile the difference between the Motorola/Samsung HDMI issue?

Has anyone else had the problem with the picture reducing on non-HD channels?

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This worked for me (pderby), but my existing settings were as listed.

I change the 4:3 override to 480p, and so far so good.

Told verizon tech support that running component cables was not an acceptable fix for me. He told me to call billing and see if I cold get some loving that way.


LN52b750 & QIP 7216 P1 with Release 1.7 Build 09.83

Upgraded box and added HD channels for my new TV and thats when I started to get the freezes and stb reboots, no green screens though.

Hopefully this'll keep me happy 'til a true solution presents itself.

Plan: triple
Location: NJ
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Can anyone help me with some advice on getting Dolby Digital 5.1 audio from the QIP 7216 DVR box to my Samsung 55 inch LED LCD TV - 8000 series? I'm using HDMI to the TV and, at the same time,  the coaxial digital audio  feed to my new Cambridge Audio 540 R V3 receiver  - but  the audio comes in as PCM 2 channel. 


The picture thru HDMI is outstanding!


I've tried removing the STB HDMI cable to the TV and using the digital optical to the receiver but no luck -its still coming in as PCM audio. Best I can get is Pro Logic II audio. 


Is the best idea HMDI to receiver and HDMI from receiver to TV? I don't mind spending a lot of $ on cables if they work!


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Location: Long Beach, California
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jayn wrote:

Can anyone help me with some advice on getting Dolby Digital 5.1 audio from the QIP 7216 DVR box to my Samsung 55 inch LED LCD TV - 8000 series? I'm using HDMI to the TV and, at the same time,  the coaxial digital audio  feed to my new Cambridge Audio 540 R V3 receiver  - but  the audio comes in as PCM 2 channel. 




You should be getting 5.1 from the STB via the digital output.  Tune to a channel that is actually outputting Dolby 5.1; not all do.  (HD Net, or HD Net Movies usually does.)  Make sure you've pressed the Dolby Digital EX / DTS ES button to select Dolby Digital or DTS surround modes (with suitably encoded digital source material as indicated).


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