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Verizon Media Server VMS1100 and IPC1100 STB. Plus Entertaiment now and in the future.

Verizon Media Server VMS1100 and IPC1100 STB. Plus Entertaiment now and in the future.

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Information about my experiences, and what I learned when I spent vacation time at CES 2013 can be found though the link provided. 


This includes links to the Verizon News website, other press publications, and my own opinions. There are exciting things to come in reference to the Verizon Media Server, VMS1100 and IPC1100 STB. In addition to items discussed regarding streaming media, Redbox Instant, and other items.


and.......still not here

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Platinum Contributor I

Dunlop wrote:

and.......still not here

But some recent news:


So who knows, maybe it really will come sometime "soon."


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The article metions deliverying services via Wireless LAN.


I can't say I'm a big fan of this at all.  I don't have a large house but when the microwave is running, my daughter is unable to facetime with her friends.  Also, wireless LAN signal in my kids room is marginal.   I'm ok with the level of signal for now but I cannot imagine running TV through WLAN without having some type of issue.  I mean we do use IPAD/IPhone's to stream live TV on the other side of the house and it will buffer ever so often 






This is really making me sad... here we all sit, with the date of the multi-tuner DVR getting pushed further and further away. September is now gone, and the new date is December? What will the new date be then- June? Does anyone at Verizon read these forums? Does anyone at Verizon care that so many other providers are leaving them in the dust, with accessibility and mobile apps, and DVRs with more than 2 tuners? I have been happy with the stability of FIOS internet and TV, but this draaaaaaging out of introducing anything new is so painful, I'm almost hoping it puts them out of business. At least then switching will be less painful. Please, Verizon, do something to catch up to the com-petition- anything would be appreciated at this point.

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Will Verizon finally start to offer the VMS1100 media server to FiOS TV subscribers during 2014 or has this mult-tuner DVR become "vaporware?"



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They were delayed a long time awaiting FCC approval.


They are definitely in a alpha or beta test phase now, and I am sure hope to get it out in 2014.  Some claim as soon as March or even February.

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Others claimed as early as last October, then November, then December.... You get the picture. Smiley Happy 

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AGAIN, those earlier dates where shotdown by the FCC approval process.

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So what? That doesn't change the fact that it was forecast to be released at the time.
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