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Verizon Router Required?

Verizon Router Required?

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I currently have Fios internet/phone, but not TV service.


I use my own router ever since the other one died on us years ago.  I use a higher end router that is needed for a few things, including the extra range, and refuse to use another one of the provided/purchased verizon routers.  


To get the TV service, am I required to use a "verizon" router, or can I still use my own?  I have spoken to 2 verizon reps on the phone, both of which had no idea, and I simply didn't want to wait on hold for ANOTHER 2 hours (ughSmiley Sad).



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I recently setup my friend's FIOS with their router and the wired part to his computer, signal was great. Problem is that their WIFI sucks for their wireless computers, even though they have 50/50 up/down service. What we did is to attach his Netgear Router as a booster. Just look at Youtube for how to do this.

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You need a Verizon router to get the FiOS guide, video on demand, caller id on screen, etc.  There are ways for the Verizon router to coexist with your own brand.  Se DSL Reports at www . dslreports . com / faq / 12506  (remove the spaces -- this wonderful forum software wouldn't let me insert the link).

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thanks for the link


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You need the Verizon Router for TV (I have MI424WR)

However, you don't need to use the wireless part.

I have the wireless disabled in the Verizon MI424WR.

Next to it I have a Linksys WRT-54G Wireless Router hardwired to the MI424WR.

However, I kept it simple:

 (a)  Did NOT use WAN port on Linksys, just connected MI424WR to LAN port 1 and PC to LAN port 2 on WRT54G so

    essentially the WRT54 is a 4-port switch with a wireless access point hanging off the switch.  The router

    portion of the WRT54G is unused.

 (b) Verizon MI-424WR is the DHCP server and firewall as this is what the TV STBs need to see.  Therefore ingress/egress traffic does go thru the MI424WR.


All FIOS TV services like channel guide, On-Demand, etc. work fine.



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