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Verizon wants to charge $15 to replace my FIOS remote?

Verizon wants to charge $15 to replace my FIOS remote?

Contributor LarryZ
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The remote control for my FIOS set top box/DVR is failing - the buttons don't work well, hard to push, have to push a button 6 times and very hard to make it work. I called Verizon and they want to charge me $15 for a new remote. I said that I rent the STB from them, and need the remote to make it work, and they gave me the remote with the STB. They said no - the STB is rented, but the remote is mine and they want $15 for a new one. What a ripoff!


Maybe somebody from Verizon will read this message and realize that it's better to send out a new remote than to lose a customer. Don't they know that I get 3 to 5 promo letters in the mail from their competitors? How stupid would it be to lose a customer how pays over 10 times that $15 every month for Verizon's service?

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You can find them on eBay for cheaper.

They used to provide free replacements, but my guess is that too many people kept asking for them.

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Do what I did, take the batterys out and there is a small screw under the left AA battery remove that screw and gently pry open the case once open clean the black contacts on the rubber key pad and the board contacts with Windex and a paper towel, wet the towel with the windex. I did this and the remote works the way it should.

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Platinum Contributor III
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It's pretty industry standard now.  It did not used to be.





believe it or not Uverse sells a remote for near 60 bux!





AT&T U-verse TV Point Anywhere RF Remote Control

The advanced AT&T U-verse TV Point Anywhere RF Remote Control provides more range, convenience and placement flexibility than traditional infrared remotes.

Retail Price $59.00
Total Due at Time of Shipping $59.00



Contributor jlb1
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Good tip.  I did this and it worked for me too.  It was a little difficult to start separating the two halves of the case, and I almost gave up.  But I got it going by prying first the bottom end of the remote in the middle and then working my way up each side.  After separation, the rest was easy.  Used compressed air to blow dry and get rid of other debris, but probably not essential.

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