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Verizon won't honor bundle offer AND probably caused my house fire

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Verizon won't honor bundle offer AND probably caused my house fire

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We had a Verizon Fios salesman come around door to door with a bundle package offer. One of the attractive parts to the offer was a "Free 30 day trial". When I questioned where that offer was on the paper work he wrote it in along with the number of boxes, the date of installation, the special price offer and other details. Before I had the installation done I called Verizon to verify the free 30 day trial. I was told it is only "free" if you cancel within 30 days of installation. That made sense so I allowed the installation. It took them a full week to get one of the phone lines working! I was told my "trial" started from that date. With in weeks I had a fire in my garage. The fire started where the Verizon equipment was plugged in. The fire inspector from my fire department showed me the place the fire started and told me he believed it was from the Verizon equipment. We have been in the house 25 years. All electrical the electrical plugs had been in place for 20 + years  were installed by professional electricians, been inspected by the city building inspector and had city issued building permits. Our garage was burned beyond repair. It must be torn down and rebuilt. It was an attached 3 car garage. It was only because of excellent building codes and a wonderful lady jogger who woke us up at 7 AM on a Sunday that the fire did not burn the house down completely with us in it. We could have all died before we awoke. The house has smoke damage through out. We have had to move out until repairs can be completed. We lost 8 six week old Springer Spaniel puppies who died in their pen of smoke inhalation. The day after the fire  (within the 30 day free trial offer) I cancelled the service. When I canceled the service they told me they did not and could not offer a 30 day "free" trial. I told them their salesman did offer it and put it in writing. They continued to tell me that it was not so. I have it on the contract but they don't want to believe me. I told them I wanted to "dispute" the charges but so far I have not even been able to get the information on how to do that. I had already paid the first months bill. I can't get them to give me a credit. They continue to bill me for service I am not receiving and have "interrupted" the phone service. Since the fire burned all the wiring to the house we couldn't answer a phone that couldn't ring anyway. No one at Verizon seems to give a concern or care about the problems or my request to dispute the bill. I haven't asked them to take responsibility for the fire, just credit me for the free trial period and not charge me for their equipment that burned. They are ignoring that request. No one from Verizon cares about the problems!

No I would like to see if they allow this post or remove it.

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Re: Verizon won't honor bundle offer AND probably caused my house fire

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I'm sorry you are having difficulty. An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or to help you resolve your issue.

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Re: Verizon won't honor bundle offer AND probably caused my house fire

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Very sorry to hear about this but this story has to take the cake in terms of bad luck!


The first few weeks after my installation I noticed a smell from the battery backup unit that I think is just a combination of heat from the battery and new plastic.  I do make sure there is nothing flamable around it however.

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Re: Verizon won't honor bundle offer AND probably caused my house fire

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My parent's live in southern CA and their home burned due to the FiOS modem.  My mom asked me to search the web about it to see if this had happened to anyone else.  I was surprised to see it has happened to a lot of people.  Some during instillation and some after it had been running.  What, if anything, is Verizon doing about this problem.  Be it an instillation issue or an equipment issue, it deserves attention and either way, Verizon is at fault.  My parents have just started their investigation and it is all in the beginning stages.  I was curious what has happened since your fire and if there has been any resolution in your case.  

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