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Very slow channel change - intermittant

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Re: Very slow channel change - intermittant

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Amazing that so many folks have been affected by this problem.  I noticed this as a significant issue just after FiOS pushed out their software upgrade on 11/15.  After contacting their tech support multiple times, they have since sent me two new STB's/remotes, hoping that would fix the issue.  It did not.  Interesting that no one I spoke to at FiOS indicated that it was a known issue. 


Fortunately for me, this problem only exists with my Cisco CHS 335HDC box (standard cable box).  My HD DVR box does not seem to be affected.  I'll cross my fingers on that, but hopefully they realize what a significant problem this is and work on fixing it very soon.  Operationally, it's unacceptable.

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Re: Very slow channel change - intermittant

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I honestly don't think Verizon reads through these forums. I had same problem with my DVR and multiroom functions as soon as we become customers of their. They had me run around to Verizon Stores to get new DVR, loose all my favorite channels and DVR recordings so I get a "new DVR HD box" only for it to give me the exact same problems.


I had to get on the phone on Thanksgiving day for over two hours to see what the heck is going on. Tech support guys could not figure out how multiroom DVR was disabled/removed from my account and why a new DVR box keeps freezing and hanging up every time.


The only things that seemed to work is the tech support guy removed ALL three of my boxes from my account (one DVR and two non-dvr boxes). Then he started adding the boxes back in my account one by one, starting with the DVR box. After adding the DVR box it did not work until he send a reset signal.


So every bbox had to be removed from my account, then added back into my account one by one, each box had to be hit with a reset signal, and once all the boxes were operational again, he went in and added back the multiroom dvr function.


So far it works, but then again it's only been 4 days. I gotta tell ya, they are absolutely no better than comcast. I don't know but services have definitely gotten worst from all providers.


Providers no longer care about the customer. They only care about how to compete against eachother and put eachother out of business. Unfortunately that leaves us with nothing but crappy serives, bad equipment and a huge bill to pay every month.


From a very unhappy and dissapointed customer!!! :o(

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Re: Very slow channel change - intermittent

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2 years ago when I switched from Comcast to Verizon I had 0 issues. Over the last 3 months I have also been having the freeze/slow channel change problem. It's was getting so aggravating I called Verizon about it, 3 times. The first time they tried to convince me that it was my remote that was the problem, so they sent me a range extender. The 2nd time they reset my main box that powers my internet/phone/tv and "sent some code" to my DVR. This fixed it for 1hour. The 3rd time I called they sent me a new DVR which did the exact same thing.


Sometimes when I push the guide button it just sits there and does nothing for 60 seconds. Sometimes the guide comes up fine, but pushing the up down buttons do nothing for 60 seconds. Sometimes I can push the up down button, but when I click "ok" on a channel it sits there for 60 seconds.


Verizon - this needs to be fixed. This is getting ridiculous. When I had Comcast this never happen. There is over 200 replies to this thread with people having the same issues, but when you call tech support your people are clueless that this is a ongoing issue with so many people.

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Nickel Contributor
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Re: Very slow channel change - intermittant

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The problem seems to be getting worse in northern va - at least for me.  Tonight I had 2 shows recording and was watching one of them...  It froze nearly every minute- just a couple seconds, but really annoying.  I finally gave up and did other work.  When I came back and watched it off the DVR, it did not seem as bad?  Some pauses, but no where near as many.  This has been going on too long.  I too will try to contact customer service and make sure they know there is yet another person with the problem.

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Re: Very slow channel change - intermittant

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I have had this problem as well. It is a known issue by Verizon. Problem happens on all TV sets. At first I was told patch would be available approx. mid Nov. Just minutes ago I was told by end of 2012 early Jan. Obviously, this is an issue when trying to do anything with TV / DVR. Assume credis will be available once the issue is resolved. Any other information would be greatly appreciated especially from any Verizon associates monitoring the Forum.

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Re: Very slow channel change - intermittant

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Yes, Verizon logged into this forum and announced the solution and when the permanent fix should be rolled out. Since the posts are not numbered on this forum, you'll have to scan the previous month or so of posts to find the solution.


I'm the originator of this thread and I marked the thread "solved" some time ago. By "solved", I mean my question was answered to my satisfaction. The problem has subsided quite a bit for me and others either claim it's fixed or it's worse than ever. I guess this depends on your region. In any case, the IMG which will fix this problem 100% is soon to come so I don't see any reason to continue this thread.


If you feel that this problem has caused you more than simply being annoyed then I guess you should contact Verizon customer service and demand some sort of recovery. (eg. 1 - 5 months of discounted rates, etc)

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Re: Very slow channel change - intermittant

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Ok, so this is supposed to be fixed and it's December and worse than ever.  I figured it was due to the push on increasing your internet service speed that it was deliberately being slowed down to force people to upgrade the speed.  If I increase the speed there won't be tv service.  Roku and netflix are looking better and better every day.


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Re: Very slow channel change - intermittant

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Woah 25 pages of disappointment ... shoudnt have swtiched to FIos. Fios suck

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Re: Very slow channel change - intermittant

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Reports for a few saw they got a new release of software.  But probably not all areas and possibly only to the so called slow spin for some in those areas that have it.


If you are no longer on 1.9.1 or on a build newer than 14.47 data object version 34.47 let us know.  And let us know if any change in this problem.

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Re: Very slow channel change - intermittant

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I received data object version number 34.47 and I am no longer having the issue.  However, it was sporadic for me, so I'll report back in a few days.  I'm in VHO 02 (Florida).

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