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Viewing Certain Channels Black bar above and below viewing

Viewing Certain Channels Black bar above and below viewing

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About a month ago all of my channels except the local ones and some of the HD, now have a black band over and above the show I am watching.  I have not changed anything on my HDTV and I tried to get help the the Chat tech folks, but no resolution, not even a suggestion as to why.  Anyone know what I can do, or what has happened and any/all ideals welcome. Thanks

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Do they look streched horizontally?  Are you talking about SD channels (most channels below 500)?


Check the aspect (star "*" button).  Also make sure you are set to 720P, 1080i or 1080P as ouput.


Note that for certain movies, it is normal to black bars above and below as they are often broadcast with wider to 16x9 aspect ration.  Some SD channels are now broadcast as 16x9 but within a 4x3 ratio (i.e. bars all around if not streched in both directions).

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I only get a "full" view on my TV (no black borders on top or bottom) on local channels. Any and ALL REPEAT ALL other channels SD or HD, or anything else you can think of is a black border on top an bottom. It doesn't matter is if it is ubove the 500 or below. Sometime even the commercials are normal viewing on the channel, meaning no black borders, but the program/movie, etc, still does. If I try to change the TV settings themselves then things get stretched, distorted, etc.  Right now even though the borders are there, the picture is fine, i.e., normal, not stretched horizontal, etc..  I NEVER had this issue until recently and it has to be a Verizon crappy update or something. I have a 43 inch HDTV, using a 16.9 ratio.  So any other suggestions would be welcomed by I don't expect any from Verizon. 

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This is a peer to peer support forum.

what model stb do you have?

under menu settings audio/video  video format, what do you have?

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It says I have "STB MODEL: 7216"

Video Format 1080i  16:9


and I apologize but I am undertain what you mean this is a "peer to peer" support forum?  I am just trying to figure out why all of a sudden, w/o any changes made by me, this happen.  thank you

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Just hit the “#” on your remote. If you look closely it says size. I’m sure you or someone accidentally hit it. Good luck!

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