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Viewing recorded program

Viewing recorded program

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Viewing recorded program

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I have a question about how the multi room DVR works.  I know how to record programs.  I scheduled a program to record; no problem there.  On one of the STB we have I checked to see whether the program had recorded, it did record. What happen though when I stopped the recorded program, the DVR resetted or rebooted.  Is that supposed to happen?  


Questions I have -


When you view a recorded program on one tv with STB, does the program also play the same time on the other tvs?  Can you view the recorded program on one tv and view different program on another tv? 


Also, is there documentation anywhere that explains how the multi room DVR works?


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Re: Viewing recorded program

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No, the DVR is not supposed to reset/reboot after a recorded program stops playing. Hopefully this will not be a common occurrence for you.


Each box is capable of an individual display. You can watch different programs (recorded or live) at the same time on different boxes. You can even watch different parts of the same recorded program at the same time on different STB's if you want to. Or, as the advertisements say, "You can pause a recording in one room," then find it in the DVR menu, "and continue watching it in another." (Pretty sure I almost never use that function.) I believe that the limit to how many STB's can view recorded content at the same time is 3.


I did a little searching around and could not find very good or accurate material regarding all the functions of multi-room DVR. Verizon updates its programming and functionality fairly frequently and is horrible about documenting the changes and placing them into a user guide. I won't claim to know it all, but the basics are as follows:


Verizon uses a networking system called MoCA. This allows your boxes to talk back and forth over the coaxial cable they are all connected to. This allows them to stream content (recorded programs) from the DVR to other STB's in your house. You can set up recordings from any STB. You can playback recordings on any STB (the exception to this rule is if you have an SD STB (2500) and the content you are attempting to watch was recorded in HD). The shuttle controls (FF, REW, SKIP FWD, SKIP BACK, PLAY, PAUSE, STOP) all function normally from any STB. However the SLOW and Frame-by-Frame rarely work as expected from a non-DVR box. Currently while you can setup recordings from any STB, you cannot view scheduled recordings, manage conflicting recordings, or manage series recordings from a non-DVR box.


Got anymore questions? Feel free

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