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Watching DVR'd shows on Computer

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Watching DVR'd shows on Computer


This might be a dumb question, but is there a way to watch the shows I've DVR'd on my computer when I'm away from home? I can't seem to figure out a way, if there is one. Thanks!


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Re: Watching DVR'd shows on Computer

Only way I know how to do it is through a Slingbox, but that is a extra purchase.  Definetely worth it, but not a part of the Verizon Service.   Even can get a neat droid or iphone app to go with it. 

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Re: Watching DVR'd shows on Computer

I am trying to figure out the same thing and it is very frustrating.  I want to DVR shows and then watch them on my tablet while I am at the gym.  Can not seem to figure it out.  If anyone does, please please let me know. 

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Re: Watching DVR'd shows on Computer

Currently no way to watch programs stored on your DVR remotely (other than with slingbox or equivalent).

There are rumors that the VMS will support that feature in the future.

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