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Watching TV without STBs

Watching TV without STBs

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I am a new FIOS customer.  I had cable until this past weekend.  We always had 3 cable boxes on the 3 main TVs in our house.  We had a smaller TV in the kitchen that we received basic cable on, plus an older TV in the basement: same thing.  Since FIOS was installed, those TVs do not pick up anything, just fuzz.  I don't want to get boxes for those TVs, we don't need all the bells and whistles, just news, etc.  Do I HAVE to get boxes?!

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FiOS is all-digital, so older TVs with an analog tuner only, like it sounds you have, won't be able to pick up any FiOS channels. Newer TV with a digital tuner will be able to pick up FiOS channels 1-50, the locals, since those are unencrpyted digital channels.


For your TVs currently without boxes, Verizon offers 3.99/month "digital adapters" (about the size of a small book) that will pick up all non-HD channels. However, they won't have a program guide or video-on-demand like your other, normal boxes.

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I don't understand. Didn't the person who took your order ask how many TV's you had? Didn't the installer ask to see all of your TV's? How come the installer didn't go over this with you? You didn't check to make sure they all worked while he was there?

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