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What the heck???

Copper Contributor BassBob
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I finally decide to make the switch from Comcast Cable TV to Verizon FIOS (already have internet and phone with Verizon) and after reading of all the hassles people are having here with DVR’s and other various issues, I am re-thinking the changeover.


We have a Comcast Motorola HD-DVR STB (DCT3416 I) and it operates virtually flawlessly, with upgrades and features being added in the background all the time.


Trouble is, it’s costing me BIG BUCKS ($146 per month) for the packages we have and I was hoping to save considerable $ by going with Verizon. However, it sure seems like there are far too many headaches with Verizon FIOS TV at this time.


BTW, I must congratulate Verizon for running a message board like this that shows all the "warts." I’ll bet MANY large companies like this would not allow problems like this to be discussed on their own site. And, as far as my FIOS internet and phone service goes, it IS absolutely FLAWLESS.


Any thoughts from you FIOS TV’ers on this?

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Silver Contributor III
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We have Verizon DVR's; the 6416 model, not the newest.  What "all the hassles people are having here with DVR’s and other various issues" are you referring to?  Cable connection \ corrosion issues are common-enough for every service provider.  Once my wife and children learned that unplugging the power and \ or coax cable to the DVR created problems, and stopped doing that, most of our issues completely stopped.  And then when I explained that "programming" the DVR in erratic or incomplete or otherwise confusing ways, most of the rest of our issues went away.  Sometimes we have power outages and or power surges that cause the DVR's to act funny, as can happen with all electronic devices, but a powercycle leaving the power completely off for at least 1 minute, and then waiting until the time reappears on the display, and stays there for at least 15 seconds, has fixed those issues every time.     I am not an expert, but in reading these forums, the above covers most issues that I see.  Every company may also have "package \ programming" issues, as well, but that has noting to do with the technology.   just my .02
Copper Contributor BassBob
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Thanks for the thoughtful reply.


On the first page alone of this board, here are three issues that particularly concern me:

1. "Unable to locate HUB" message

2. Various and MANY 1.6 upgrade issues

3. Guide consistently wrong


I agree with everything you wrote, but power cycling a STB should almost be infrequent and a process of last resort as it is with my Comcast service. BTW, when you do that here, depending on how long you cut off the power, it can take HOURS for the guide to refresh.


It just seems that after an hour or so perusing this board, I saw enough issues and comments like, "Looks like I’ll be returning to (fill in your previous cable/SAT TV provider name)..." that I'm having second thoughts.

Copper Contributor Patti
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I also have the DVR 6416 and Verizon FIOS TV for over a year. I've had one glitch with it not freeing up disk space after I had deleted a couple progams. But I just reset the box by unplugging it for a 1 minute or so and that fixed it. On 2 occassions the show I recorded had skips and stutters in the picture but that could have been a transmission problem instead of a box problem. I record several programs everyday. So I don't believe 3 minor mishaps in over a year constitutes bad service. I have not been upgraded to 1.6 version yet. You have phone and internet now if you get the 3-pack bundle you should save a lot. I get all 3 plus a DVR for about $10.00 more that I was paying for Brighthouse TV alone.
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We are definately trying to resolve the unable to locate hub message. One of our users is trying to change the length of the lease time as it may be giving a new IP as a customer may be watching the show via the MRDVR hub.


I do agree that we have some issues with 1.6 but we will tackle them all and get all issues fixed or the proper resolution.


and the Guide Consistantly wrong is currently being addressed. I just don't have an ETA on that one yet

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Bob, I wouldn't be too concerned if I were you. I had a 6416 before I went to Tivo and the only reason I jumped ship was because of lack of space on the hard drive. From what I understand, Vz is working on their new boxes and things may change for the better as far as hard drives are concerned. Most boards become sounding boards for people who have one kind of problem or another and are looking for assistance. They want to know they're not the only ones who have channel freezes, pixelation or some other disease never seen before. They're also obviously looking for advice as well, so I think you'll enjoy the experience if you go with Vz and check the board from time to time to offer advice and lend a hand to those who are about to take the leap of faith you're contemplating.


Let us know how it all works out!

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I too left Comcast.  I will admit that Comcast has done many things right but they have been at it a very long time.  During that time they have done many things wrong also.  And as you point out with this board Comcast never admits having any issues.  When I would approach Comcast and tell them what I, the customer, wanted they flat out told me I had no idea what I was taking about.


Verizon on the other hand has made me feel in every way possible that I am important to them and they recognize their short comings.


Am I glad I left Comcast for Verizon.  Absolutely.


FiOS TV is far from perfect.  But I and many others here are trying to offer our thoughts and Verizon is listening.  For that I commend them.


I'd switch.  You should save some money and I know you will get more than what Comcast has to offer.

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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Bob, I have been with FiOS now a little over a month and have experienced all the issues you address. But I also had similar issues with Dish, and those got resolved over time. What we have here are growing pains. Just this morning I had to hard cycle the 7216 STB because of HDMI handshake issues, but it wasn't hard to do, just an irritant, and it will be fine now for a week or so. When it all works (most of the time), it's a splendid delivery medium. We do need to work on that program guide, though. I am confidant that the forum moderators will make the proper inputs to Verizon because ultimately the idea is to give customers what they want - a responsive, informative, intuitive guide.
Copper Contributor BassBob
Copper Contributor
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Many thanks to all who have taken the time to read my message and respond.  Like a lot of message boards that I have belonged to over the years, this one seems to be inhabited by people who are intent on helping others with problems or just general questions.


I am moving closer towards making the move, but after Retiredme's last response about an "HDMI handshake" issue, since I (wouldn't you know it) have a Samsung HD TV, this might be another fly in the ointment.  It's working fine with the Comcast HDMI output other than a five second or so delay every time I come back to THAT input after cycling thru the ANT, VCR, and DVD inputs.  I'd prefer NOT to use the component video cable solution.


I guess the thing to do is have Vz come out, do the install, see what happens during the trial period (which I haven't researched) and maybe keep the Comcast connection for a month just in case.


My intended "trigger pull" on this will be Thursday since I want to take advantage of the current promotion Vz is offering.  If anyone else cares to chime in, be my guest and thanks again to all respondents.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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I think the problems vary from one person to the next.  I have the triple-play bundle service along with Home Media Multi-room DVR, 2 HD-STBs, and 2 SD-STBs.  The DVR and one of the HD-STBs are connected via HDMI to HD TVs and I have never had an issue with HDMI handshakes.   But, I've had plenty of problems with:


* "Unable to Locate Hub" messages

* freezing remote DVR playback that restarts shows from the beginning for no reason

* losing total communication with remote DVR

* Messages stating that Max DVR Sessions has been been reached, when I know only one remote TV was being used.

* Video-On-Demand suddenly decides to stop working.  (This happens very frequently)

* Random DVR reboots for no reason.  Sometimes causes some shows to be split in two recordings, missing a minute or so from the boot.


We are either frequently unplugging the DVR/STBs or unplugging the Actiontec router to fix these issues.  I think my wife is getting really fed up with the service we currently have.  I don't know if it's faulty equipment or just poor software/firmware programming.  We were coming from DirecTV, where we had similar problems with their poor DVR hardware and frequent hard resettings.  With DirecTV, we had all of our DVRs replaced because of problems, but they would just replace them with refurbished units that would exhibit the same behaviors.


At this moment, I don't think I could ever recommend anyone get FiOS.  If you are happy with what you have now, I would recommend to stick with it for a while longer until Verizon can iron out some of these issues.

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