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What type of cable to run?

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What type of cable to run?

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I had Verizon come out to run a television cable to a downstairs room. The wall is an interior wall on the bottom floor of a two story house. The tech said he couldn't do it, he told me to call an electrician.


I contacted an electrician who said he could do it. Now the question is what type cable to run? There is an empty "port" on the Verizon splitter in my attic so I was wondering if just standard 75ohm cable is what needs to be run?


Thanks in advance

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Re: What type of cable to run?

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Good quality Quad Shield RG-6 coax. Not standard RG-59. Yes both are 75 ohm. The RG-6 has a larger core, and better shielding which is required for the Internet portion of the STB to router.

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