What would you like to see from your FiOS TV?

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Re: What would you like to see from your FiOS TV?

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Your 6th bullet can be done now.  It doesn't work for you?


4 tuners would be very sweet!  And either a larger capacity DVR or enable the external USB would be a nice start.




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Several things I would love to see:

  • The ability to watch fios tv on my iMac
  • or watch the movies from my iMac on my television.   Everything is connected wirelessly, why can't they interact?
  • I switched from Directv and really miss my caller id on my tv screen.
  • A larger hard drive or the ability to connect an external hard drive.
  • More reliable VOD...everything we have watched pauses and skips.
  • If I have been watching a show from the beginning and need to leave, I would like to be able to hit the record button and record it from the beginning of the show
  • The ability to record more than 2 things at a time...AT&T lets you record 4
I could go on and on because there is so much more that could be done, but these are my highest priority items.
Thanks for asking! 


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Re: What would you like to see from your FiOS TV?

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1. A new DVR or STB with support for all standard video formats, and a web browser. Why should we be limited with only streaming video that Verizon wants us to see.


2. Use of a mouse that can be connected via one of the USB ports, and can turned on and off. More of a Window based interface. Perhaps X-Windows like Linux based platform.


3. Why not a linux based DVR platform like TIVO used? If not working with MS, then why not something else completely?


4. If working with MS, then why not a PC based interface with a CPU that will do everything now and in the near furture.


5. SMB file access to connect with MS network shares for file access. One could add a user account and password to the box for file access. The interface could have a file interface like midnight commander.


6. Access to hardware features on the DVR that are there, and customers must pay extra for. Why do we need to pay extra for features that do not even go over Verizons network? The free remote DVR is heading in the right direction even if it is over the Web. Why not just a web based remote feature that can run on the local network and use the guide info that is in the STB.


7. A NEW Guide and or provider that has more and accurate information.


8. Phone service that can be accessed via the STB. Like the Call assistant over the STB.


I am sure I could come up with others.





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