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Why Am I Paying Twice for What I Already Pay For?

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Why Am I Paying Twice for What I Already Pay For?

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I'm not sure this is the right place to post this, but unfortunately there don't appear to be any other options available to provide feedback on an issue.


There are two examples I'd like to cite as to why I believe I'm paying twice for what I already pay for.  First - one that is best described via an incident that happened over Labor Day weekend.  Late Saturday night, I finally had an opportunity to watch something I have been intending to watch as an HBO subscriber for a while now:  "The Normal Heart".  It was located in an On Demand folder called "Emmy Nominees".  About 2/3 of the way through, the screen froze.  I managed to get back to the Emmy Nominees folder, but at this point the only thing that appeared was the word "Empty".  I tried again the next morning, and not only was the Emmy Nominees folder gone, but the movie appeared nowhere in the subscriber's area in On Demand.  A search revealed that I could buy it in either SD or HD form, but could not rent it (not that I would).


Now - midnight had been crossed, bringing us into September 1st.  Perhaps the action was scheduled for that time.  However, why would Verizon decide to interrupt a real time stream that the customer is entitled to?  And then make them fully purchase it to see the rest of it? 


But there is more to this.  Why would a paying HBO customer now be required to purchase something?  Here's another example:  I have been a big fan of Boardwalk Empire.  Previous seasons are now available for rental or purchase - but with the exception of the latest season being in On Demand (which I assume is there to grow one's appetite for the final season commencing shortly), even an HBO customer has to pay to see prior season reruns.


Perhaps I have more of a bone to pick with HBO than with Verizon, but it is ridiculous to charge a customer for what they have already paid for.

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Re: Why Am I Paying Twice for What I Already Pay For?

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Definitely not the place for this.  You are talking to peers.  First try and contact Verizon for one of the "contact us" options on the page.  Some things may have to be during their "business hours"

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Re: Why Am I Paying Twice for What I Already Pay For?

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I agree 100% as to what you are saying here and I assume if we call Verizon customer support, we get a scripted response. That not all seasons are available On Demand, even if you are a HBO subscriber.


I had a friend check, that has Comcast. Boardwalk Empire, all seasons are available, On Demand.  So why as Verizon customers we have to pay extra if we want to watch, Boardwalk Empire, On Demand? If we already subscribe to HBO? It's like Verizon is double dipping their customers?


I have found that you can watch all of the Boardwalk Empire seasons on HBO Go, but I don't know about anyone else? I surf the web in a different room in my house. I like to relax in my recliner and watch Boardwalk Empire on my big screen.


I've been very happy with Verizon FIOs since I became a customer, but I'm also disappointed in the On Demand offerings they have and to have to pay extra for it, while it's available free to other cable subscribers.



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Re: Why Am I Paying Twice for What I Already Pay For?

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Here are links to just a few of the devices you can hook up to your big screen from which to stream HBO GO - along with many, many other offerings. (There are other devices as well that do this, like XBox, Playstation and your computer.)










HBO Go is better than anybody's On Demand offerings because you get every episode of every season.


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