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Why Verizon blocks acess to US channels outside of USA ?

Why Verizon blocks acess to US channels outside of USA ?

Contributor Bledi158
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Why I am unable to watch the US channels while out of USA eventhough I log into my Verizon account and pay my monthly bill ? This is completely unfair and ridiculous. Since I am still paying my bill I should be able to watch the channels anywhere in the world as long as I am logging into my account. They should be able to indentify and validate that the onwer is logging in. 



Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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Verizon likely required to block TV access for IP addresses outside the U.S. by the providers.  This is not uncommon.  You can't watch the British version of BBC here.  It's blocked.

Contributor Dichagi
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Yes, you are paying to watch things in the US by paying your bill but you are missing the way things work if you think this allows you to go international and watch US broadcasts anyplace in the world.  Ask China how that works out for them. . . There are laws and content restrictions, ownership of material, companies getting paid or paying to make thigns available in other countries etc.  You are hitting an international access point then going into the US.  It has been filtered to meet the terms of that country, not the US terms.  This is not Verizons or any other companies issue unfortunately.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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One way around all this is to get a Slingbox.  

Copper Contributor pattuspl
Copper Contributor
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get a VPN all you need to have is US IP address.


Let me give you example: when I will be going to Europe , Poland.


on my smartphone I will first download Google voice in USA then use it in Poland b ecause you can't even download when you are over there , GVOICe does not work in Poland.


Then if I already have an account set-up I can use it with no issues for texting over internet.


So with the TV on VZW Fios 

get astrill vpn or securitykiss vpn with access to US server.


That's all!


enjoy 🙂

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