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Widget. Parental Controls NOW!!!!! PLEASE!!!

Widget. Parental Controls NOW!!!!! PLEASE!!!

Contributor FiosAccountable
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Its such a simple idea and an easy thing to intergrate the fact that it hasnt been done yet is insane. I have a niece who has a terrible mother, everybody except her understand that making your child into a **bleep** through youtube isnt a good thing. She's 7 and able to goodle sex and other things through youtube its blocked everywhere else but your stupid widget which only has a parental control switch which doesnt block everything. Allow parents to lock, block and take off widgets without them just being reopened. Seriosuly what the hell are you thinking, allowing it on there without it??? 

Contributor FiosAccountable
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Registered: ‎09-20-2018
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will also take a complete removal of widgets, from my box no one uses them but the kid, they are useless i have a aphone for that stuff.

Contributor Ley
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Please let us block Utube channel 837

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