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Will FIOS Ever come to Michigan??

Will FIOS Ever come to Michigan??

Nickel Contributor
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I've seen it on Tv Advertised and was wondering will Verizon fios tv and internet ever come to Michigan? If so how soon? it seems like its taking forever for them to arrive here....
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My brother works for the phone company in Detroit (not sure of the latest incarnation of their name).  He said that fiber to the house is apparently not 'around the corner'.  I told him just last week I had FiOS, he know all about it, said in his area they are wporking to implement figer to 'really close' to houses, then copper to the house.  The fiber is maybe up to 1/2 mile away at most.  Thats tighter than the old DSL days when you could be almost 3 miles away from fiber and it would work for that level of service.  

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michigan is part of AT&T, they choose not to go with fiber to the premises. that's the closest you will get to FIOS.



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AT&T which is the phone provider in Michigan, choose to go with FIber to the Communitiy, which is basically the same thing the cable companies do. they have no plans on doing fiber to the premises any time soon. AT&T bought out BellSouth, Bell South was going to do Fiber to the Curb (home), but when AT&T bought them out, those plans were canceled.
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If verizon isnt comeing to michigan then why are they installing the fiber in my town of Otsego and have already installed it in Allegan?  Also if that is the case why is my employer already using FIOS for their internet?????  FIOS is in michigan just select areas right now. 




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sorry I dont see an edit button but either way AT&T does not own all of michigan.  Allegan is actually  owned by Verizon.
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