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Xbox One and constant flickering, HDMI pass thru

Xbox One and constant flickering, HDMI pass thru

Contributor hdmiconsole
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I recently received and Xbox one and following the instructions the xbox one has 2 HDMI slots, 1 for the Cable inbut the other goes to the TV. I am getting a constant flickering on the screen when viewing tv thru the xbox one console.


I was informed to ask this.


When you assured that the cables are all undamaged, plugged in correctly and support the Xbox One (you should make sure they relatively new and have big throughput) and it still doesn't work you should ask Verizon whether their box supports HDMI passthrough as some boxes will block signals with HDCP once a device comes between them and the TV.


does anyone know if the Verizon FIos DVR 500 GB box QIP-7232 allows HDMI passthru?






Contributor JDJD
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I spoke direclty with xbox one connectivity support and they have it flagged as an issue that some of the verizon FIOS cable boxes are not playing nice with another device trying to pass through the signal.  Sounds like it is something that is actively being discussed by microsoft as they certainly want to work with all providers.  Not sure what that means for timing as they have to then get verizon and the cable box maker on board.


Hope that helps.  A bit disappointing in the near term.

Contributor Chebdog
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You need to access the hidden menu. While STB is on hit STB power, OK, Menu. One at a time quickly. HDMI pass through is available here. The video/audio kept freezing stuttering afterward so I did a reboot of the STB and XOne. Everything is working fine now. Best of luck.

Contributor darkangel579
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hi i wasnt able to see the hdmi passthrough.  how did you get to it again?

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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This diagram has the customer plug their STB into the Xbox One and then plug their Xbox One into their television. NOTE: HDMI port on the Xbox One is NOT a pass-through and actually requires the console to be ON to function. This means if customer is using the recommended configuration they will need to have their Xbox One powered ON and configured properly to watch television. When using their Xbox One remote to control their television they are presented with Microsoft’s IMG rather than Verizon’s. It is still possible to use the Verizon remote to pull up the Verizon IMG. THAT IS THE XBOX SUGGESTED METHOD OF SETUP, THIS IS VERIZONS SUGGESTION: Set up the xbox and verizon STB seperately, not connecting to each other at all.
Contributor Richjt92
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I had the same issue and it got progressivelu worse.  Orginally, when I plugged the FIOS DVR into the Xbox One every now and then mainly when I switched to my WDTV on my stereo the Xbox One would lose connection and I had to reboot my FIOS DVR to get it to recognize.  This was annoying but I could deal with it.


But once the Olympics started the FIOS would freeze for 5-10 seconds every minute and would do it on the DVR as well.  This is strange since the FIOS DVR is connected up stream from the Xbox or My Stereo...I know HDMI is a two way connection but strange.


So I started to chat with Verizon and they sent me a new FIOS DVR...and when I asked about Xbox One support they did not know. They immediately told me ai had a Bad DVR and sent a recycled one....once I took the Xbox One out of the loop the problems went away...


When I got the new/recycled DVR I had a minor issue which I resolved, but when I asked about Xbox One Support for the FIOS DVR I was told they were not compatable....


I have not hooked the new DVR to the Xbox One Yet...


Is anyone else out there using the FIOS DVR connected through the Xbox One and not having issues?



Contributor FrustratedUser2
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I just connected my XBox One to my Verizon Cisco DVR using an HDMI splitter.  It works great, but when I put the XBox One into Standby Mode, it will freak out the DVR and I will only have a black screen if I'm watching directly from the DVR (remember I have a splitter on the output of the DVR).  I can minimize (almost eliminate) this issue, by turning "off" the DVR and then putting the XBox One into Standby Mode.  Wait until the XBox One LED is completely dark and then a few seconds more.  Then wake up the DVR.  Most times this works fine.  If not, then I have to switch inputs on my receiver for a minute so it can renegotiate the HDMI signal with the DVR.


HDMI does not like to see a disruption between devices probably due to HDCP or just poor HDMI implementations.  And yes, MS should have allowed HDMI passthrough.  Stupid decision.  But I guess I'm even more stupid for purchasing an unfinished system that was rushed out the door.  It has such potential, but when great XB360 features were never implemented/transferred to the XBOne, it just shows poor design & management decisons on MS's part.  BF4 is just as bad.  Such potential, but such utter crap right now.


 Titanfall Beta was great and inspiring.  I was really surprised as I went into it expecting the worse.  I had no issues and only had lag at the end when they made server changes live while games were playing and even that only lasted a minute.  I've never in my life seen a beta run so great.  I had no complaints at all.  I just hope the complete game at release is just as well done.  Great job Respawn.  

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