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anyone else having problems with volume output?

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Audio Issues after 1.7.1

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So I have read about the low audio issues on the 72xx models following the recent upgrade.  Man, I have to turn the volume to about 40+ on the TV just to hear when 20-25 worked fine for 10 years on this set.


Anyway, I have new(<6mos) Vizio HD with the the 62xx box. Surprisingly enough, I have had only HDMI hook up to this since October 2009 when I got FIOS.  No issues at all.  Now, audio completely drops on HD channels. Not all, some. Can't really pinpoint when except it is the typical channels I watch which is annoying. Sometimes you flip and return and then audio is back. But this isn't every time.  Unplug HDMI and plug back in and you get volume. But it will drop again.


I could care less if I use HDMI or composite cables but I need to buy some which is frustrating. And I do not know if that will cure the problem or not.




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Re: anyone else having problems with volume output?

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According to him, every model is affected (execpt the digital adaptors and cable cards of course)


And as I said in the post, not every box is affected.  But he says that they have confirmed the problem on every type of box, they just dont know the cause. And because at the moment it looks rather random, its making finding the issue more problematic. But the "bug report" that was sent to them says that all models are affected. (except for the coax outputs) They have no reports on problem with any coax connections.


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Re: Low volume since recent upgrade (rel 1.7.1)

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I've had to double the volume output to get the same sound level as before the update on my QP7216 box.  My QIP7100  boxes are not only experiencing the same, but some of the channels are coming in with no sound at all.  Seems like the FiOS upgrade is FUBAR!

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Re: Low volume since recent upgrade (rel 1.7.1)

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I don't have any major issues since the update, but I do need to turn my volume up about 30% higher to achieve the same volume level as before the update. Smiley Indifferent

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Volume Randomly Lowers

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Over the last month I have noticed that the volume form my STB randomly drops.  The only way to get it to return to normal is to hit the "Fios TV" button.  Sometimes I have to rewind and then hit the button to have it return.  This is especially annoying when watching a recorded show since it exits you from the show.  I have also noticed that my STB displays the DUI code when first turned on.  I have tried unplugging the box and restarting and it has not helped.  Please help.  

P.S. I have a QIP 7216 1 if that helps.

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Re: Volume Randomly Lowers

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DUI code is normal, leave it alone. I hope you are not resetting your box because of that. That's just the box confirming the handshake with HDMI connections.

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Re: anyone else having problems with volume output?

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My guy at VZ said he was not able to duplicate this issue on the 6200 or the 6416 at all.


a few users here have confirmed that, and I haven't seen any reports of users with those boxes having problems, also they now know what the issue is, or have when I posted about it the other day, but they have to fix it with an IMG release, so we are looking at either the next release or the release after that depending on how many people are negatively affected by this that are calling in and making reports.   if their numbers are heavily affected it will get fixed sooner rather than later.

@spacedebris wrote:

I just spoke to my buddy at Verizon and he says that he just got a note from the higher up's regarding this issue.


It is now an "official" known issue with the new IMG release.


The following boxes are affected.


QIP2500  (only affects the composite cables, not the coax)


QIP6200  (HDMI, composite, and component affected)


QIP6416  (HDMI, composite, and component affected)


QIP7100  (HDMI, composite, and component affected)


QIP7216  (HDMI, composite, and component affected)


 ****One thing to note he says, it doesnt affect every box but they have confirmed that it is not a problem with the boxes themselves. They dont know why some have issues and others do not.


He says they currently have no ETR on a resolution and there is currently no work around. They are still investigating the cause.


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Re: Audio Issues after 1.7.1

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I am living in MA, my set up is as follows: Vizio 55" led tv (2 months old), with STB QIP 71001 connected with HDMI.

Since the update to the firm ware 1.7.1 (march 15th)  I have the same problem as Bob: the sound on the HD channels drop except for PBS. If I reset or turn everything off it comes back but after changing channels a few times the sound desappears again....with the previous firmware and same set-up no issues at all.


The service tech, told me to reboot the STB but same issue. From what I read from the forum there is a bug in the 1.7.1 release.  I hope an update will be quickly available, because it is really annoying!!!


So from the service tech as a quick fix they are suggesting to use a composite connexion instead of HDMI, so there are sending a set of composite cables (for free)

Hope it will fix the issue.....

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Copper Contributor
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Re: anyone else having problems with volume output?

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Wow, I'm glad that Verizon KNOWS it's an issue now, instead of just the customers!  Anyway, here's my dilemma:  do I switch out my current 7216 STB for the replacement 6416, or do I simply wait for a fix?  Is there ANY benefit to keeping the 7216?  From what I've read, it appears that the 6416 has fewer overall problems, and if the volume is okay with it I'd be a happy camper.  Any both my 2500 STBs have Dynamic Range (Heavy) very noticeable--it's ONLY my 7216 that is not working correctly.  Any advice appreciated!!

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Re: anyone else having problems with volume output?

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Just wanted to update everyone that we switched out our 7216 for the 6416 and the Dynamic Range WORKS!!!  So we are happy campters.  Thanks for everyone's input here.

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