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fios and netflix

fios and netflix

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Can I install a wireless antenna to the tv box to access my netflix account

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adamsdad wrote:

Can I install a wireless antenna to the tv box to access my netflix account

Probably not, but before I answer "no" you should provide more info.  Netflix is usually available via an external device such as a Blu-Ray Player, a Roku player, and so on.  In general you will not be able to get Netflix streaming via FiOS.  If you can give more detail on your current configuration, the capabilities of your TV or other display device, and how you plan to get access to your Netflix subscription (which is totally separate from FiOS), then perhaps more ideas will be possible.  More  details needed.

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adamsdad wrote:

Can I install a wireless antenna to the tv box to access my netflix account

"Install a wireless antenna to the tv box" doesn't make any sense to me.  The STB cannot "access" anything but what it gets through the wired coax connection, and that is only Verizon content.  If you're attempting to use a wireless connection to connect the TV itself (some smart TV often has a Netflix application) to the Internet to stream Netflix, then you can use the wireless capabilities of the router to connect the TV to the Internet (and Neflix) using that router wireless capability.  The STB has nothing to do with this type of function.

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I have a Samsung home theater model HT-E550 and I was told that I could attach a wireless antenna to that however it does not work.  The Verizon FIOS box has a port in the front for the antenna.  I was told by Netflix that Verizon can provide access but it is the competition.  I have hooked my PC to the Television to run Netflix but it by-passes the surround sound system

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The HTE is a Home Theater System (amplifier and speakers).  It does  not run a Netflix app.

Now if you go out (to say Costco) you could pick up a Samsung BluRay player such as the

BD-EM57C that has built in WiFi and can run the Netflix app in addition to playing Blu-Rays and DVDs.

It can be had for $90 or less.


I assume you have FIOS with internet and a router such as Actiontec MI-424WR to provide a wireless

network in your home.

You would connect your TV, HTE, and BD-EM57C together with HDMI cables.  This would get video and audio

from the DM-EM57C to your TV and Surround Sound


The Netflix app would run on the BD-EM57C just like it runs on your PC.  The BD-EM57C would access your

internet thru your Verizon Wireless Router (just like your laptop).  Since BD-EM57C has built in WiFi you

would not need any antenna or adapter...


The Set Top Box (STB) is not involved in any of this, other than you may have a video connection from your STB to your TV (this could be HDMI or Component or Composite Video).  The STB does not support the Netflx app.


Share with us the mfgr and model number of your TV.  Some "Smart" TVs can connect to your wireless network and run the Netflix application (app).  With this type of TV you sometimes need to but a USB Antenna to get wireless because it is not bulit-in the TV.

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My TV is not a smart TV.  Thank you though for the info you provided.  That was exactly what I was looking for!

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