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how do i set up remote to blu ray player?

how do i set up remote to blu ray player?

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i lost my remote to my sony blu ray player and i just want to know if i am able to connect my remote to the blu ray player?

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@laurenag1 wrote:

i lost my remote to my sony blu ray player and i just want to know if i am able to connect my remote to the blu ray player?



This depends on the type of blu ray player that you have as well as Verizon remote.

First check whether you have an infrared type of blu ray player as opposed to blue tooth (PS3). The remote will work with infrared only.

You'll need a 4-button Verizon FiOS remote to sync the remote to your blu ray player.

The 4-button remote is considered universal as it has the 'DVD' and 'Aux'iliary buttons along with the 'STB' and 'TV' buttons.


You can try to program the blu ray player by following the steps from any of these sources (you'll need the code to plug into the remote based on the brand of your blu ray player):

a) from the FiOS TV remote, go to --- Menu -- Customer Support -- In Home Agent -- Program Remote Control.  Select the 4-button remote that you have. Click OK on 'DVD player' and search for the brand of your blu ray player to locate the applicate list of codes that would work. Click OK and then on the next screen select 'Show me the programming steps'.


b) from the in home agent application (verizon.come/inhomeagent), click on the 'Remote Control' image. Select 'Program FiOS Remote Control, select your 4-button remote, hit next until you reach Step 4  Programming your Remote Control -- Select Device Type and then click on 'DVD'.


c) from the following page, select the User Guide for your Verizon remote



d) If all else fails and you've exhausted all the codes, you can try contacting Verizon's Technical Support via live chat or by calling 1-888-553-1555 for further assistance.

It is possible that a specific brand & model of blu ray player cannot be programmed to the remote.










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I suggest you purchase a Harmony Remote by Logitech.  These are way better than the typical "universal" remote, as they actually learn how your system is connected.  You plug it into your computer and "program" it by selecting the specific models of equipment you have and telling it how they are set for each activity (watch TV, watch a move, listen to music, ...).  You really can have one remote that controls all your equipment, and does it in a way that is easy to use.


They come in different models and price points.  I suggest you get one with a display, as the display provides helpful information.  Often you can find closeouts or refurbs at various popular web sites at a reasonable price.




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