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intermittent Audio Dropouts on FSIO TV.

intermittent Audio Dropouts on FSIO TV.

Contributor bdooley23
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So I just got FIOS about 30 days ago. Keep having intermittent audio dropouts. I have 2 TV's one with HD DVR box (7216) and the second with just the basic box (2500-3). No issues on the basic box but on the HD DVR I get intermittent audio dropouts. Basically audio stops for 1-2 seconds randomly on all channels, no video problems though. Called support 3 times and finally they sent out a Field Tech the other day. He replaced the HD DVR box (another 7216) and added a splitter to the coax connection, saying the signal was to strong. It made no difference. I removed the splitter also to just confirm, and still no difference. Now when I play DVD's or play videos via my HP x280n MediaSmart Connect I have no audio problems. Any suggestions? Setup. TV - Samsung LN46A640A - 46 '' high-definition LCD TV. HDMI cable connection from HD DVR box to TV.
Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Audio issues are known problems with 7216 STB's. Te last update, 1.6.2 was reported to have fix them but there are still reports such as yours they are still occuring. The only fix is to switch to a 6416 STB but be advised in doing so you will loose a slight bit of sharpness on SD channels.

Joe was here
Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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We have the HMDVR 6416-2 and have the same spotty audi drop. It happens on all channels (both HD and non-HD) and each time lasts about 1 second while the picture continues as it should.


We've had the box replaced and all connects tested. It's a mystery.

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Well since you have two boxes and you dont have the issue with the other one, that pretty much eliminates an issue with the broadcast. Leaving us with several possiblilties....


Could be the box (but since it was replaced and still having same problem not likely)


Samsung TV's and Motorola STB's do have an issue with HDMI...but normally this affects video and audio and usually presents itself with a different set of symptoms


Could simply be a bad HDMI cable (have you had it replaced?)


Could be a connection issue on the HDMI connection on the TV ( I know...not likely but still a possibility) If you have a second HDMI input on the tv, try swapping inputs


Could be a bad splitter (main splitter, not the one that was added) or coax run from the splitter to this room.


Could be a bad coax connector on either the splitter end or STB end.


These are generally the most likely causes

Contributor bdooley23
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Turns out my TV is most likely to blame.  Samsung has a Firmware upgrade available for my TV and one of the corrections on the firemware is "Intermittent audio drop out".  So hopefully this will solve my problem.  Below is link in case anyone else with this TV is having this problem.




Contributor holmesm11
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I am having this issue also and I think it is the Motorola HD DVR QIP 72161 Set Top Box.


Here are my reasons why:


1) My home theater setup was fine with Cox Cables Scientific Atlanta STB on HDMI cables

2) Verizon had to set this up with HDMI for video and Optical cables for audio - clearly a j-rig just to avoid a "green sceen of death"

3) various "green screen" issues with many different vendor's equipment







It appears to be an hdmi handshake issue with th motorola 72161 box.  I am now regretting my decision to get fios about a month ago.  I will probably go back to Cox after my year is up.  Maybe an non dvr motorola will make things somewhat tolerable in the interim.


Anyone have any suggestions?

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