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my multiroom dvr does not work in other rooms

my multiroom dvr does not work in other rooms

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I have 1 dvr and 4 regular boxes. i can not access any recorded shows from any of my boxes except the master 1. It used to work no problem. there was an option about 2 or 3 months ago to "set up device" but thats no longer there---- help please.

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After numerous attempts with Verizon to fix the frozen DVR playback problem rebooting, unplugging, resetting on the phone and through the FIOS diagnostic tool on the TV and the In-Home agent nothing worked.  I fixed the problem on my own online..


1.  On the Verizon website, up top click on the "SUPPORT" Tab  (menu will drop down)

2.  Click on "TV then "Fios TV"  page will open to "MY TV"

3.  Scroll down the page, it will say "My TV Troubleshooter"  *bookmark this page for future problems

4. Click open "DVR Not Working"  page will open to "Set Top Box Not working

5.  Click onto the  red "NEXT" tab   this page will show any power outages etc....

6.  Click onto the red "NEXT" tab again

7.  Select one or more Set Top Box(es) that's not playing your recorded (frozen) programs only

8.  Click onto the red "NEXT" tab


A green bar will run across your screen diagnosting and fixing the problems.  Once it finish, TAKE  THE VERIZON REMOTE TO THE STBOX THAT WASNT WORKING AND CLICK ON THE  DVR BUTTON.  GO TO RECORDED PROGRAMS> THEN> PLAY.  Your programs should play now.


9.  If repaired then check the "YES" My Problem Has Been Resolved.  If not  click "NO" for further repair   


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You can try powercycling the DVR to see if this resolve the trouble for you.


1. Turn off the power to the DVR.

2. Unplug the DVR from the outlet.

3. Plug the DVR back into the outlet.

4.After the DVR resets check to see if you can access the recordings.


If this does not resolve the trouble you can also turn off your router and turn it back on. This allows the router to powecycle and you can check to see if you are able to see the recordings on the other Set Top Boxes.


I sent you a private message to further assist you.


Verizon Support


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