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new verizon home page on tv

new verizon home page on tv

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this is not the web. I do not need a home page to tell me what to watch! give me the option to turn this off.

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WGM wrote:

this is not the web. I do not need a home page to tell me what to watch! give me the option to turn this off.

Are you referring to something in the Guide or IMG on the TV? If so, if you can explain more clearly what you are talking about I think someone here can help you. I have been a FiOS TV customer for well over 7 years now, I have no clue what you are referring to, and I have not seen any recent changes that might fit what you have posted. Please explain further what you are unhappy about, and please be specific.


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I heartily agree with the writer. We are already subjected to enough advertising; we do not have to be forced to wait 15 seconds before we can simply watch what we want. If FIOS insists on having a "Home Screen" on the television, it should be an OPTION at the customer's disrection. There is already enough clutter on the FIOS Internet Home Page, we don't need it on TV. I would suggest that FIOS reconsider this change.



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WGM wrote:

this is not the web. I do not need a home page to tell me what to watch! give me the option to turn this off.

Look at the lower right of the screen shot in the notification email  The option is there to "Turn off this screen."

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Does anyone know if this is something that can be turned off? The last thing I want is to have to either click or wait through yet another Verizon tool for getting me to buy more stuff. I'd really like to continue to just turn on my tv and watch stuff...
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To turn off. Menu>Settings>Television>Promotions>Disable.

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It doesn't work or will work for a few times and then go back to showing Home Page again. Rebooting STB doesn't work either. It's a programming error by Verizon.

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Just got my issue fixed, had to online chat or you can call them and they did a hard reboot on all of my boxes but before they did the hard reboot I saved all my settings to cloud and after everything was ok I restored my settings from cloud and everything is fine now no home page when I turn my STB on and all my favorites are back because I saved them to cloud.

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This new screen is annoying and does not go away when I try to disable.  When I turn on my tv, I see a whole lot of options and not my station.  Please fix it back the way it was.  John

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